The Cammack Cottage

This is my current house and a work in progress.  In most cases, the photos are outdated and will be replaced in due time!

This was my first little house in my home state of Arkansas.  I used to called it a bungalow, because it fits Wikipedia's definition of a bungalow ("detached, low-rise house with a verandah"), but it's one of those little mid-1940s cottage-style type things.  Now I've taken to calling it the Cammack Cottage, because that's what it is!

This was how the house looked when I moved in, give or take an overgrown shrub.  In January 2013, the house got new siding.

I absolutely loved my back garden.  That was one of the hardest things to say goodbye to when I moved and one of the first things I said hello to when I moved back!

The dining room was really a little nook carved out of my living room.  It's got these gorgeous, big windows on all sides of the table and the little chandelier I installed myself.  That was back in 2010 and it was one of my biggest accomplishments in that house.  I also recovered those chair cushions myself.  You can see the old carpet that was removed in late 2013.

About four months before I moved to Florida, I had my original red oak floors refinished.  The stain English Chestnut by Minwax.  I went back and forth between English Chestnut, Dark Walnut (darling of the blog world), and Provincial but I ultimately fell in love with the warm, rich tones of English Chestnut.  Now that I'm back and they've darkened a little, I love them even more.

Off the dining nook is the kitchen:

When I moved in, we painted the cabinets, replaced the countertops, and installed the tile backsplash.  The stackable washer-dryer was in the corner, which didn't faze me.  The stove was replaced after this photo was taken with a $200 stainless Craigslist find.  As of September 2017, this kitchen is undergoing a total gut job!  Seriously, you could see the rafters of my attic at one point.

My bedroom was HUGE.  Like 350 square feet huge.  When my parents lived here with me as a baby, this room was the den.  But when I realized it was the only bedroom with an en suite bathroom...hello, giant master bedroom!

Speaking of that bathroom...

It isn't much in terms of style, but in terms of space - amazing.  The tiles were originally brown and pink (courtesy of the 1960s), but I had them reglazed to a pretty gleaming white.  Of course, in all the photos I took when I was going to post it for rental (it rented in 1 day, so the photos never got posted), the shower curtain is closed.  Just take my word for it.  

Heading back toward the front of the house takes you back into the original 1940s house, including the original bathroom.

Those stripes.  Wow.  They were a massive pain, especially in that shelf over the tub (which used to be a window before the master bedroom was added on).  About two weeks after I moved out, my parents installed a gorgeous vintage-style marble floor.  I may have cried a little.  Now that I'm back, I get to enjoy them.  

The front two bedrooms were used as a guest room and a craft room.

I loved the final product.  It took a few tries to get it just right, but once I did, I felt proud to show my guests in.  The bed was a vintage find whose restoration I outlined here.  Now, though, this bed is at my parents' house and my brass bed lives in this room.

[craft room]

The biggest addition to this room were the built-ins.  The bases were Billy bookcases from Ikea that my cousin trimmed out.  The brown was...regrettable, in retrospect.  I had this whole purple-brown idea that I would never in a million years do again.  The tenants who moved in when I moved out painted it a much prettier and lighter color.

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