Well, hey, there!  I'm Elizabeth, and I love goofy selfies.

I live in Florida with my two Toy Poodles, Lilly and Winnie.

When I was little, I couldn't say my name correctly, and it came out Bizbeth, which my parents eventually shortened to Biz.

I started Biz and the Bungalow in 2010 when I moved back into my 1945 childhood home and embarked on a five year adventure to bring it into the 21st century.

I loved my little house, and you can definitely read all about it here on the blog.  (For a quick intro, check out the Bungalow #1 page.)  When my career took me to Florida, though, I had to say goodbye.  After a year of living in an apartment and scoping out neighborhoods, plus a little bit of a real estate roller coaster, I settled on this little beauty:

A 1949, 1024 square foot cottage in desperate need of some attention.  Follow along as I head out on a new adventure with a new home.