Florida Living (Room)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Thanks to one of my sweet friends asking me how my house was coming (but not in a nagging way, just a sweetly curious way), I was motivated to FINALLY finish up my living room so I would have an answer for her!

For the first few months, it was kind of a mess.  Seriously... I can't believe I'm about to show this, but...

Up until this weekend, my living room looked like this.  For months.  Including that time two friends from work stopped by when the plumber ran late and I couldn't make our lunch date.  Eeek!  So unacceptable.  So messy!  But real talk - sometimes life gets in the way when you move (and sometimes when you don't) and your living room looks like this.  When it starts to stress you out, though, it's time to take off the blinders and deal with it.

So, two weekends ago, I took my too many, too oversized sofa pillows to Goodwill.  I don't miss them.  I had way too many because I was worried my sofas would look empty with just two or three pillows on them.  Of course, with so many throw pillows, you could hardly sit on the actual sofas, and they just ended up on the floor.  And then my couches really were empty!  I swapped them out with these:

and my personal favorite (because tassels! and a camel!)

So much better!

Then this weekend, I got a trash bag and threw away the vast majority of the crap on the table - old mail, part of a light kit left over from repairing the ceiling fan, a copy of The Bluebook...  Ok, that last one, I put in the bookcase.  What if I suddenly have to brief to the Supreme Court?  Obviously, I won't have time to order a new one!

Sort of off topic, but Charlie Daniels, the fiddle leaf fig who you may remember from Instagram, is still clinging to life. He's been on my front porch since I moved and was better off for it. So I brought him inside to kill him slowly and properly in the random niche.  His twin is still soaking up the sun on the patio, though, and I'm sure will be avenging his brother's death in due time. Coming to theaters Memorial Day 2017 - The Black Thumb Part II: Revenge of the Tree Twin.

Ok, back on topic.  Next job? New sofa covers.  The ones that were on there photographed decently, but up close? Nasty.  I love my dogs but their little feet, coupled with the nastiness of a moving truck, meant they just weren't salvageable.  I had the Blekinge white covers for my trusty Ektorp sofas.  They're kind of awesome.  Unfortunately, those covers were discontinued like two years ago.  Because I'm a planner, though, I had a spare set stored under my sofa.  Yusssss.  However, using my spares and tossing my old ones meant - gasp - no more spares.  And I ended up not being smart and having a spare ottoman cover.  Since that's where the girls love to hang out, that was the nastiest.  A trip to Ikea was in order.

Fortunately, Ikea didn't leave us white sofa lovers out in the cold.  Their Vittaryd white covers are a pretty decent match, though they're annoyingly expensive.  The ottoman cover cost $49 - I used to be able to get an entire sofa cover for that price!  Still, white furniture + dogs who are, you know, dogs, means spares were required.  Oh well.

After decluttering, swapping the pillows and the covers, and waiting for some halfway decent light...

[The ottoman and sofa really do look like the same color in person. Not sure what's going on here.]

And then the same thing happened that usually happens - things devolved into a puppy photoshoot.  So I leave you with this:

Winnie says if you're ever in St. Pete, come visit.  She might even let you sit on her sofa.