Kitchen Status Update

Friday, May 13, 2016

If you've been following me on Instagram, some of this is old news.  I've officially moved into the house. I've been in about two weeks and it is, in a word, chaos.  Seriously.  I look like a hoarder.  The good news is that my kitchen cabinets are supposed to be finished tomorrow!

Seriously, I can't believe the transformation, and it's not even finished.  When I look at what I started with and how far it's come already, it still boggles my mind.  I'm so ready to get the doors and drawers installed so I can start putting things away.  My life is a game of Tetris right now - everything has to fit together very carefully or all is lost.

Once the kitchen is properly finished, I'll put together a single post with all my sources and number crunching (because we all want to know what kitchen renos actually cost, right?).  In the meantime, though, I'll tell you that the cabinets are Desoto White Shaker cabinets. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is, but a quick Google search for "Desoto White Shaker" pulls up plenty of results for these same cabinets.  The boxes are all wood, which was important to me from a durability standpoint.  I didn't want to cheap out on the boxes and have an inferior product that wouldn't hold up (literally).  One thing I did compromise on was that the fronts are MDF.  Honestly, they look fine, and the part of the cabinet that is actually holding my breakable dishes is all wood, so it was a budget decision that I was ultimately fine with.

My installer was McCabinet in Largo, Florida. My designer, Brooke Culliton, was a pleasure to work with and didn't make me feel bad for having a budget and wanting to stick with it but also get some really nice features.  She helped me maximize the storage options and let me have lots of input.  Several of the other designers I met with gave me a feeling of "this is the design, take it or leave it."  Brooke patiently answered all of my questions while also giving me the benefit of her experience in kitchen design.  Without her, I'm sure the kitchen wouldn't have turned out nearly as nice looking.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to the granite yard, book a templating appointment, and (hopefully!) choose my slab!  Wish me luck!

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