Foxy Lady

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Foxes are really having a moment right now.  One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sarah Vickers, has even gotten on board:

There's something about their pert faces and bushy tails that says autumn to me.  Now, if you want to get on this trend, you'd better do it fast.  Winter is swiftly approaching and will be upon us before you know it.  Admittedly, here in the South, there's a high of 72° for Thanksgiving Day, but before long, those bitter winds will be giving us rosy cheeks and chapped lips.  Here are a few options I've dug up for those of you who are smitten vixens for foxy fashion.

I'm wearing the third one today (from Old Navy), pairing it with dark wash jeans and a chambray shirt underneath.  It's sold out online, but check your local stores.

Are you into the animal sweaters trend?  It's not just foxes, you know; those ginger canids just happen to be my favorite.  If pheasants, hounds, or horses are more your thing, by all means, sport away!

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