Long Live Summer

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Does anyone else hit the end of July/beginning of August and instead of dreading the end of summer, begin longing for autumn?  I find myself doing that almost every year, and I've just noticed the first twinges.  I'm trying to rally, though, because summer really is a magical time of year.

From ripe veggies, ready for pickling...

To fresh flowers to poke into an old Coke bottle...

To road trips with family and friends.

I feel like so many of us spend our lives rushing from one stage to the next, without taking time to stop and notice what's going on around us.  I know I do!  Since I got into iPhotography (taking artsy-fartsy photos with your iPhone), I've started seeing my world in a whole new light.

Whether it's the house I drove past for years...

Or the sky from the grocery store parking lot, just before a storm breaks.

Whether you take photos with a big fancy camera (and earn yourself the nickname 'Party Pics' at your pal's wedding) or with the cellphone you keep in your pocket, it's pretty hard to deny that summer is a pretty awesome time to be snapping, even if it's just around your neighborhood.  

I wish I had more of an opportunity to travel this summer.  I still love looking through my photos from last summer's adventure to England.  Alas, work and school have kept me stateside.  I'm thinking about entering this contest from Shutterfly, though.  (Remember them?  They're the place where I ordered my super cute Christmas cards with my baby Lilly's face on them.)  They're running a nifty photo contest right now and the grand prize is a trip to the Bahamas for four, complete with a professional photo shoot to commemorate the trip.  It sounds pretty simple - each week has a theme and you get prizes just for entering.  Week 2 is winding down, but there are still three more weeks.  Next week is "Water Fun," and I did go to a water park last week when my college roommate came by for a visit.

Definitely something to ponder, if I can get up the courage to post my pictures to a wide audience than my blog readers and Instagram friends.  

What about y'all?  Do you feel like summer is passing by too quickly or are you ready for falling leaves and pumpkin pie?  Am I the only one who had ditched her everyday pocket camera for her iPhone?  Will you be entering Shutterfly's contest?  As always, I'd love to hear about it!

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