Christmas in July

Monday, July 16, 2012

I have posted a couple of times about my Barbie ornament tree, but here's a quick and dirty rundown:  Every year, my mom buys me a Barbie ornament from the Hallmark store and it goes on my special white, 4-foot tall "Barbie tree."  I have over 100 and love them all.

Imagine my distress, therefore, when I read that Mattel was discontinuing its partnership with Hallmark after this year.  Meaning, that after 20-something years of getting my Barbie ornaments, they are no more!  At least they'll be going out with a bang, as some of this year's ornaments are really pretty.

This weekend was the Hallmark ornament premiere.  In July and October, Hallmark releases its ornaments.  The best Barbies come out in October, but there were some good ones out.  I'm really looking forward to October, though.

Tweed Indeed

Matinee Fashion

I picked up these two, and I'm still thinking about this one:

Student Teacher

Like I said, though, the best ones come out in October.  These three will DEFINITELY be coming with me!

2012 Celebration Barbie

 Provençale Barbie

Stunning in the Spotlight

I'm honestly a little embarrassed about how bummed I am that I won't be able to get any new Barbie ornaments after this year.  I guess I'll just have to turn to eBay to collect the ones I don't have from previous years.  (That's the consumer spirit!)

Am I crazy for being this sad?  Do y'all collect any special ornaments each year?  Is July way too early to even be talking about this?  Let me know!

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