A Tale of Two Purples

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Or maybe more like 4 and a half purples.  Whatever.  The point is, I'm currently in the process of updating my hall bath.  Here's what it looked like a few weeks ago:

Note the beige faux-tile panelling and the tiny print of the pastel floral wallpaper.  Outdated, right?

My mom and I (okay, mostly my mom because 1) it's too small for two people and a step-stool and 2) I got bored) scraped the wallpaper off this past weekend.  My color scheme for the room was inspired by this 1860s fashion print I bought in Belgium last year - purple and brown.  I'm going for a vintage Paris feel - romantic and elegant.

Obviously additional accessories, including the fashion plate itself, will be required.  But I picked all of this stuff, except for the little white tissue box cover, at Kirkland's today.  The set of three small apothecary jars were on sale for $25 for the set.  Everything else was half off - go me!

With the wallpaper scrapped off, I was able to try out some different shades of purple, with enticing names like 'Wisteria', 'Rhapsody Lilac', and 'Magical'.  I also gave 'Brave Purple' a go.

I'm leaning toward Brave Purple, but my mom likes Wisteria better, fearing that Brave Purple is going to be too dark and make the room feel small.  However, I'm doing vertical stripes - flat and satin (or maybe semi-gloss) of whatever shade I do, so at least the room should feel taller.

The ceiling isn't really sloped - it's just the wide-angle lens I used to fit as much of the bathroom into the shot as I could.

What do y'all think?  Darker?  Lighter?  Should I be 'Brave' or stick to the sweet sight of 'Wisteria'?

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