Adios, Willard!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Longtime readers of the blog might remember my little, ahem, houseguest from 2010.  If not, jump over here to read a little post from March 2010, when I discovered I had a rat.  Yes.  A rat.


This rat had been roaming around my house, pooing on my heating and sleeping in the pullout drawer underneath my stove.

Stove/Rat Boudoir

Even though my mother cleaned that drawer well before I moved in, I just could not bring myself to store anything in it.  I was just beyond grossed out.  My stove was made in the 1500s or at least it felt like it.  It took forever to get hot and it was this sad, almond color that did not go at all with the new updated vibe I was trying to capture in my kitchen.

I like to poke around Craigslist from time to time.  I've gotten some really great deals in the past.  I'm actually sitting on one of my deals - an IKEA Ektorp loveseat I found on the Dallas Craigslist.  Across the room is my $50 Craigslist sofa.  Well, chalk one more up to Craig and his list.  Presenting, my new stove:

For $200!  Gorgeous, right? It came out of a new construction house where the owners had upgraded their appliances and didn't need the builder's grade anymore.  As best I can tell, this range would have run me $550 minimum new, and it practically is!  It heats really quickly and beeps to let me know when it's hot.

Plus, it's pretty!  We donated my old stove to Habitat for Humanity, so not only will the proceeds from its sale go to further that wonderful mission, but the stove isn't in a landfill somewhere!  I'm so, so excited about it all and really encourage y'all to check your local newspapers and Craigslist before buying new.  You can usually save a bundle, and you're helping Mother Earth by recycling!

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