From Shack to Shed

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today, my mom and I spent the afternoon fixing up my shed, in preparation for attaching trellises to the side in order to give some support to my new "New Dawn" climbing roses.

I'm going for something sort of like this, except a little less overgrown.

Before I attached the trellises, however, something had to be done about the shed, which this morning, was looking more like a shack than a shed.

This photo was taken almost exactly two years ago, in March of 2010.  I didn't have any more recent photos, but just to give you an idea, try adding to this photo 2 more years of weathering plus several large splotches of green paint (experiments in choosing an exterior paint color).  The old gal was looking rough.

Now, take $100 in wood, nails, paint, and brushes and four hours of relatively easy work and you have this:

The door's still there, it's just open because it, um, won't shut with the addition of my new bicycle and a bathroom door that needs to be painted.  But pay no mind to that!  Look, instead, at the new window trim and pretty green!  The white is my favorite white, Sherwin Williams' "Dover", which I've used on every white surface in my house, from my doors to my crown moulding to my kitchen cabinets.  The green is also by Sherwin Williams and is called "Contented".  What an excellent sentiment to put in one's garden!  Won't the roses look so pretty climbing up the side with the one large window?  I can't wait!

Tomorrow, I'm going to pull out the crap in the shed and rearrange so I can close the door and paint it!  My next adventure in DIY is probably going to be to build a step for the shed, as well as rig up some sort of detachable ramp so I can easily wheel my bike in and out.

A DIYer's job is never done!

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