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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I get bored really easily, and I felt like a new, sleek blog design was in order for upcoming spring.  Hope y'all like it; I do.

I've decided to participate in Twitter's February Photo a Day.  I wouldn't have known about it except for Faye at Fayesbook.  I know it's a Twitter thing, but not all of y'all follow me on Twitter, and well, I love photos. So get ready for a month of photos.  Maybe I'll extend this.  I know there's a 365 photos challenge thing, but I'm a little late for that.  Oh well.  Baby steps, right?  And what better month to take a baby step into than the shortest month?

My crocuses have popped up again.  Remember them from last year?  And I spied my neighbor's daffodils in bloom already!  Mine haven't even sprouted.  Hmph.  My hyacinths are sending up stalks, though.  Yay flowers!

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  1. I love the new blog design! It is perfect for springtime.

    I am so jealous that your view today included spring flowers. I think I need to move farther South!


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