If I Were French

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'd sleep here:

We might not win every game...

Monday, August 29, 2011

But we ain't never lost a party!


Grove: [grohv]
  1. The Holy Grail of tailgating sites
  2. Home to 25,000+ fans each home Saturday
  3. See also: Legendary
  4. Where I'll be October 22, 2011, with the fabulous Rachel and Faye!

Can't.  Wait.

New Bedroom, New Me?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This summer has been pretty life changing for me.  Mainly, I finished my first year of law school and went to England on my own dime.  I feel like I've done a lot of growing up.  Unfortunately, I felt like my bedroom, the most private and intimate room in my home, didn't reflect the new me.  This point was driven home when a friend stopped by and commented that her sister would love my room.

Her sister is 8.

I knew my room was feminine, knew it was "girly."  I didn't realize it was "little girly."  I knew she didn't mean to hurt my feelings, and she didn't.  Not really.  I was mostly embarrassed.  So what's a girl to do?

New bedding!

I also ditched my Barbie prints (don't worry, they're in storage, not gone forever!) in favor of some simple black and white prints from my travels.  I also switched out the pale pink lampshades in that curvy bell shape for some sleeker, more contemporary white ones.  The biggest change of all, however, is a new...


It's not here yet, obviously, but it is going to be delivered on Wednesday.  It's 68 inches long, giving me a full foot more of storage space than my old dresser.  Don't remember my old dresser?  Let me refresh your memory:

But I didn't just ditch the old gal.  No, no!  I sold her on Craigslist for $200...to a couple pregnant with a baby girl.  Yeah.  Definitely time to redecorate.

My new dresser...well, it cost a fair bit more than $200, and really, more than the $600 that I had budgeted for a new dresser.  Luckily, my parents are helping me out by paying for half, and we were also able to take advantage of Labor Day sales prices.  I'm so excited and grateful, because honestly, I wouldn't have been able to afford as gorgeous a piece without assistance.  It has beautiful English dovetailed joints in the front and back, felt-lined drawers on top row, and removable cedar panels on the bottom.  It's got a pretty cherry finish, and I love the contemporary-but-still-slightly-traditional lines.

I also plan on switching out my nightstands, but given how expensive the dresser is, I'll have to wait.  Or ask for one for Christmas and another for my birthday.  :)  After all, my birthday's only about six months away (!).  I can't wait to share photos of the complete setup on Wednesday.

What about y'all?  Anyone else find any pre-Labor Day goodies?  Maybe you've just redecorated your bedroom?  Or heck, any room!  You know I'd love to hear about it!

Endless Summer Sale & A Homecoming Surprise!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I swear I will eventually blog about things besides Lilly Pulitzer, but how can I not talk about the Endless Summer Sale?  I ended up with some really great goodies at amazing prices.  First up?

Retail: $268
Endless Summer: $99
Discount: 63%

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, didn't you already buy this?  Well, yes.  But I'm taking it back to Dillard's because it was $39 less in the Endless Summer Sale.  And $39 is $39.

Retail: $228
Endless Summer: $139
Discount: 39%

Ummm, seriously?  Did the fashion gods hear my prayer?!  I'm so excited to welcome the Yesenia into my closet!

Retail: $178
Endless Summer: $99
Discount: 44%

I've loved this print since I first saw it.  It was a first day of school gift to myself.  :)  Happy 2L year to me!  When I told my mom this, she kindly pointed out that I need to start wearing these beauties instead of just looking at them in my closet.  To which I responded, "Well, I'll just need to make more trips to the Grove."

Problem solved.

Did anyone else score any great deals on some pretty dresses?  I know a lot of ladies snapped up the Jillie at 90% off.  I thought about it but was worried it would be not form fitting enough to flatter my figure, so I passed.  I'm half regretting it, but I'm tickled pink (and green) with my dresses so far.  I'm really torn about getting the Blake in Blaring Siren.  I wanted it so badly for NYE last year, but I'm really trying to keep the number of one shouldered dresses in my closet to a minimum...I have 4 already, plus a one shouldered top.  But it's so pretty!  


P.S.  OH!  I forgot to mention!  While in England, I did the unthinkable:  I lost nearly 10 lbs.  Who goes to Europe, eats her way through Paris, and comes home thinner?  I'm still a little in shock, but now that those pesky pounds are gone, I'm determined to keep them off so I can keep fitting into my cute size 6 and 8 Lillys.  I still remember reading in the fifth grade that the Wakefield twins were a "perfect size 6" and that is what I strive to be, even as an adult.  A size 4 is just too hard for me to maintain.  I'd rather eat more than Cheerios, lettuce, and water, and be a little curvier.  And yes, that's all I ate when I was a 4 in high school.  Ridiculous.

I'm on a big ole fitness kick now.  Crunches, lunges (omgkillme), squats, Julianne Hough's Cardio Ballroom, even a Groupon for a Bootcamp course that one of my travel buddies swears by.  Wish me luck in slimming down even more and get ready to hear more about my fitness efforts in the coming months.

Waiting for a Sale

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is anyone else loving the Yesenia in Square One Patch?

I definitely am, especially since I'm obsessed with the Cherry Bomb print but the Franco doesn't work for my figure.  At my local Dillard's, the Franco is already on sale, and I'm hoping the Yesenia will be following soon.  As soon as it is, you better believe it will be in my closet!

I did grab the Jacqueline in Sunrise Orange from Spring 2011.  So cute, so classic.  Definitely one I can wear for years.  I'm hoping to bring it into the fall with some cute brown tights and boots.

Anyone else found any great spring or summer Lillys on sale now that fall is just around the corner?

Do It All Again!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hope everyone else had an awesome Friday!

My Kitchen Is FINISHED!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I run away to Europe and come home to a beautifully finished kitchen.  My cousin installed the floors, and I think he did the BEST job.  I'm a little obsessed.

As a reminder of how far I've come:

It's been a process, but totally worth it.  I can't wait to have people over now that I don't have to hide my kitchen!

Just Like a Gypsy

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream,
Homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy.
Break a heart, roll out of town.
Cause gypsies never get tied down.
Sometimes I wish I lived on a mountain,
Drank from a stream instead of a fountain.
I'd stay there, top of the world.

But I was born a red dirt girl.

I'm back y'all.  Missed you!