My New Ride!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some of y'all might know this, but most of y'all probably don't.  I'm a bike enthusiast.  Now, I don't watch the Tour de France or jaunt around town in bike shorts, but I do enjoy riding my bike instead of driving my car when feasible.  It started in college, when I lived in a town that doesn't believe in adequate parking.  Seriously, Ole Miss issued more parking passes than it had spots, so this meant you had to creepily stalk people walking to their cars and be prepared to bitchslap anyone who tried to jack your spot.  This also meant that once you had a spot, you didn't want to give it up.  So you either walked everywhere or you found an alternate mean of transportation.

Enter my first adult bike.  She was a beauty - a Huffy Cranbrook cruiser in pale teal.

Single speed, comfortable seat, and white wall tires.  Since Ole Miss has a relatively flat campus, we got along just fine for four years.  She kind of became a fixture on the bike rack outside the KD house.  We rode to the Square together, to class, into bushes and pylons... Ahem.  Moving on.

When I moved back home, I had to put the old girl in the shed, since a single speed in my hilly hometown wasn't going to cut it.  I still rode around my neighborhood a bit, but I don't like to walk just to walk or ride just to ride.  I need a destination.  But like I said, a single speed + a hill = death on two wheels.

I've been lusting after a red Schwinn for ages.  I know, I know, they're made in China now and aren't nearly as nice as they once were, but still.  The name Schwinn still means classic cool bike.  I saw my new ride while in Walmart with my mom earlier this month and there she was.  Red, white, and fantastic.  My mom knew of my bike lust and asked if I wanted it.  DUH.  Three Walmarts later (because I'm picky and wanted her to be perfect), I had her in my possession.  Add some cool wire panniers and we're ready for the grocery store.

I love her.  We rode to the grocery store yesterday and picked up bread, frozen dinners, yogurt, soups, and crackers, and ALL of it fit in my panniers.  Plus, the seven speeds on the new gal made tackling those hills much easier, even if I did have to walk her up some of the steeper ones.  My back is a little sore today from the ride, but that just means I need to do it more often.  After all, Amsterdammers do it every day.

Are any of y'all bicycle enthusiasts?  Any tips for a casual rider?  I'd love to see photos of your rides.

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