Picture Frame Earring Display

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I promised you a how-to on how I made my earring holder/display, so here it comes.

Supply List
Picture frame of your choice - $? (mine were buy one, get one, so $22)
24" x 5 ft Hardware Cloth - $10 from Home Depot (in the garden center with the chain link)
Light duty staples - Free (already had it!)
Multi-purpose staple gun - Free (already had it!)
Hammer - Free (already had it!)

The actual putting together is easy.  Here's a tip: MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE.  I didn't and had to cut three times, resulting in wasted mesh.  Oops.

1.  Take the backing, any inserts, and the glass out of the frame.

2.  Lay your frame flat on the ground and stretch the mesh along the back.  Don't try to measure to fit the lip, because odds are, that part of the frame will be too thin for your staples.  (I'm speaking from experience.)  Be sure to leave a row or two of mesh extra so that you have something to staple.  (Again, speaking from experience.)  Use regular scissors to cut through the mesh.  It helps to have something to hold the mesh down with, since it's sort of like uncoiling a slinky - it keeps wanting to roll back up.

Tip:  Be careful when you make the final cut, because the mesh will spring back at you.  If you're especially concerned, a pair of safety glasses might not be amiss.

3.  Once your mesh is cut, smooth it on the back of the frame and get to stapling.  It helps to do the corners first so that you can free up your hands and not have to worry about it springing back at you while you staple along the sides.

4.  The staples don't have to be perfect.  Even if they don't go all the way it, you can tap them down with a hammer.  My hammer just sort of squished the nails rather than driving them in, but not a problem.  It still holds the mesh down.  Tip:  When choosing your frame, look for a wall frame so that it comes with hanging hardware pre-installed.

5.  Flip it over, hang it up and get to hanging!

C'est fini!  Très chic, non?

I always make a mess when I craft.  ;)  Tip:  If you have little feet (or tiny paws) running around your house, run a vacuum over your crafting space to get up any bits of metal that broke loose when you cut your mesh.

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