New Bedroom, New Me?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This summer has been pretty life changing for me.  Mainly, I finished my first year of law school and went to England on my own dime.  I feel like I've done a lot of growing up.  Unfortunately, I felt like my bedroom, the most private and intimate room in my home, didn't reflect the new me.  This point was driven home when a friend stopped by and commented that her sister would love my room.

Her sister is 8.

I knew my room was feminine, knew it was "girly."  I didn't realize it was "little girly."  I knew she didn't mean to hurt my feelings, and she didn't.  Not really.  I was mostly embarrassed.  So what's a girl to do?

New bedding!

I also ditched my Barbie prints (don't worry, they're in storage, not gone forever!) in favor of some simple black and white prints from my travels.  I also switched out the pale pink lampshades in that curvy bell shape for some sleeker, more contemporary white ones.  The biggest change of all, however, is a new...


It's not here yet, obviously, but it is going to be delivered on Wednesday.  It's 68 inches long, giving me a full foot more of storage space than my old dresser.  Don't remember my old dresser?  Let me refresh your memory:

But I didn't just ditch the old gal.  No, no!  I sold her on Craigslist for $ a couple pregnant with a baby girl.  Yeah.  Definitely time to redecorate.

My new dresser...well, it cost a fair bit more than $200, and really, more than the $600 that I had budgeted for a new dresser.  Luckily, my parents are helping me out by paying for half, and we were also able to take advantage of Labor Day sales prices.  I'm so excited and grateful, because honestly, I wouldn't have been able to afford as gorgeous a piece without assistance.  It has beautiful English dovetailed joints in the front and back, felt-lined drawers on top row, and removable cedar panels on the bottom.  It's got a pretty cherry finish, and I love the contemporary-but-still-slightly-traditional lines.

I also plan on switching out my nightstands, but given how expensive the dresser is, I'll have to wait.  Or ask for one for Christmas and another for my birthday.  :)  After all, my birthday's only about six months away (!).  I can't wait to share photos of the complete setup on Wednesday.

What about y'all?  Anyone else find any pre-Labor Day goodies?  Maybe you've just redecorated your bedroom?  Or heck, any room!  You know I'd love to hear about it!

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