My Secret Garden

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have this little spot on the west side of my house between my house and the neighbor's privacy fence.  It gets no direct sunlight because of its location and a couple of small trees near the property line.   As a consequence, nothing grows there.  My front yard is slightly slopped toward the house, so when it rains, all the water goes rushing down the yard, under my fence, and washes all the dirt away, leaving me with exposed roots and even less to slow the water down.

I, however, am a crafty sort and have come up with this:

 I'm using a mix of two varieties of astilbe (that purple flower in the third photo - Amethyst in the back and Visions in Red in the front (ViR pictured)), hostas (Frances Williams), and ferns.  Even though right now it's not a secret garden, once I get the sun beds set up in front of it, it will be a hidden, secret garden.

I kind of love that idea.

Also, check out the turtle I found hiding in the vinca major (aka Bigleaf Periwinkle) growing between the low stone wall and the privacy fence just behind it.  He's lurking like a ninja...a Ninja Turtle.  HA!


  1. this is so cool!

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  2. That turtle really is hiding--I had to make the picture bigger to see him!


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