Avoiding Ronald

Monday, May 2, 2011

With the drywall patchwork nearly completed in the kitchen, it's time to start thinking color.  I've finally given up on my dream of finding the perfect warm, dove grey (for now at least) and am satisfied with the idea of a yellow kitchen.  I think it will be nice - granitesque Formica countertops, warm white cabinets, teak laminate floors, Tiffany blue pots/pans/mixer/accents, and sunny yellow walls.  Nice and warm!

The only problem is, how do I get sunny and warm without turning into Ronald McDonald?

I want this.

Not this.


Not this.

I want country, not retro.  Casual dining, not fast food.  But I'm afraid that in a kitchen as small as mine, I'll be doomed to end up with one of the nots, simply because any shade other than white-with-a-drop-of-yellow will be overwhelming.

Even this pale-ish yellow just makes me shudder.  There's TOO much of it!

And I want to avoid the "warm neutral" or beige kitchen.  If I'm doing yellow, I want it to be yellow!  

I actually love this kitchen:

But the front room directly off the kitchen is already a similar shade, and I just don't want my entire house to be blue.  Plus, all of my accessories are already Tiffany blue/light aqua and I think it would be a bit too monochromatic.  How do I capture the feel of this kitchen, in a shade of yellow?

I'm actually really nervous about this paint color selection, because my kitchen isn't like my guest room (which I want to repaint, but am not motivated enough to do because I never have guests and don't really go in there except to get my weekend suitcase from under the bed).  I use my kitchen every day!  

Okay, fine.  I use my microwave everyday.  Whatever.  The microwave is in the kitchen.

Do you have any favorite yellow kitchens?  Any favorite websites, aside from housebeautiful.com and Southern Living to recommend?  Any suggestions for avoiding the Golden Arches of our favorite burger joint?  I'm all ears (or eyes, I guess, since I'll be reading any responses.  Again, whatever.  Stop being so literal.  Geez.) 

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  1. I found your blog because of the pictures of the yellow kitchen. I am in the same situation. I want to brighten up my kitchen but I don't want it to be blinding. I was also leaning towards something soft and yellow but can't decide. I am curious as to what you decided on and whether you have gotten yours done yet. Any pictures if you did?


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