Hotty Toddy, Y'all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know football season doesn't start for ages, but Sperry has some seriously cute shoes, perfect for Groving and cheering on my Rebs!

Maybe not for Groving, but I think these would be great for a baseball game or just roaming around the Square.

There is nothing I don't like about these shoes.  The polka dots, the bow, the peep toe.  Just general love and how much fun would these be on game day with a red or navy dress?

These strike me as a little more casual than the other wedges - maybe its the rope bow?  Either way, I could see these with a white dress with red and blue accessories.

Classic, simple, just a bit nautical, and Rebel red!

It is surprisingly hard to find a good look, classic blue shoe.  I love the pairing of the tan leather with the bright blue navy.  Gorgeous with a red dress.

While not strictly red and blue, I think these are fabulous and want them in my closet.  I'd so wear them to a game.  I think wedges are more comfortable than heels, and much easier to walk in, and I love how secure these look like they would be on my foot.  No walking out of these babies!

While not a "Grove" shoe, let's be honest.  Toward the middle to end of the football season, when the Grove has seen many a party, the grass is in pretty rough shape.  Couple that with rainy falls and you get MUD.  And lots of it.  Rainboots are a practical choice.  I've sported them in the grove before:

Let's just ignore the fact that I look wide as a house - I was scrunched up and leaning!

Love these.  So casual, so perfect for baseball, basketball, football, or class (because apparently Ole Miss isn't just for football?).

Wrapping up with a classic!  These I would wear just about anywhere.  On the shopping on Square with a jean skirt, grabbing a bit at Papito's, watching a baseball game.  I just love these.

Hotty Toddy, Y'all!


  1. LOOOOOVE this! You know my obsession with anything red and this is perfect :) I miss you, sweet Tucker!!!

  2. I think I need every single pair of shoes you just posted about. Grrr...I looooooove them all. R/W/B are my fave color combo, and you just found my new shoe wish list :)

  3. Oh, WHOA. I just gasped out loud. I WANT EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF THOSE HEELS. Holy, moly, girl. You will be bad for my budget if you keep posting lovelies like these!


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