Hoping I'll be "Glad Yellow"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think I've picked a shade of yellow.  

"Glad Yellow" by Sherwin Williams

It's buttery and sunny without, I think, being too overwhelming.  I ran a Google search for the color and found a blog whose owner had painted her daughter's room this color.

It's really similar to my inspiration photo, right?

I was worried it was too "Post-It Yellow" but by putting an additional couple of coats and letting them dry, it got a little warmer and less...paperwork-y.

My mom - I've given up saying we, because my mudding skills are seriously lacking and my mom basically did the dry wall work - finished the sanding and mudding today.  She put on a few coats of primer and, come the end of finals, I'll be ready to tile my backsplash!  My mom's so handy, right?



Pretty awesome, right?  Like the hole was never even there!  And any imperfections will be covered up by pretty subway tile after finals!  Woo!  I'm so excited to finally be tackling what I thought of as the worst room in the house - the kitchen.  I'll be sure to keep you updated with even the tiniest changes!

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  1. I love that yellow! It looks a lot like the one in the inspiration photo!


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