Birds of a Feather?

Monday, May 2, 2011

While I was pondering yellows, I started to think about the one window I have in the room.  Right now it's a bright turquoise, and I think the color is a little bright  for the scheme I'm eventually wanting.  

I really like this fabric, but I think the yellow-on-yellow would be a bit much, even if the grey birds are super chic.

Premier Prints, Inc. - Barber Collection in Corn Yellow/Kelp Slub

But, hey!  Check this out:

Premier Prints, Inc. - Barber Collection in Powder Blue

I wonder how this would look against a yellow wall.

These are nice too, but at $60/yard, super duper expensive:

Vintage Plumes Jade Floral Printed Drapery Fabric by Robert Allen Dwell Studios

Vintage Plumes Birch Floral Printed Drapery Fabric by Robert Allen Dwell Studios

Moving away from birds, this fabric is kind of pretty, and it would tie in the blue from the front room.  But is there enough aqua in it?

Vauxhall Chambray by Covington Toile Drapery Fabric

I'm thinking not.  And maybe it's a little formal for me.

I forgot how much I hate trying to decide on a color scheme.

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  1. How exciting that you get to decorate and paint walls! :) I've never really done that since I'm living in an apartment and all, but the yellow would be a really nice, sunny idea. We have a yellow sunroom back home; it's a really mellow color, but looks great in the sunlight. I wish I had good insight, but I'm incredibly undomestic. Best of luck though - I bet whatever you decide will look great!


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