The Other Oxford

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just a quick note to announce my travel blog for whilst I'm abroad: The Other Oxford.  I'll be taking a hiatus from this blog starting July 6th (and not a second before, I promise!), and I hope you'll follow my adventures there!

My Secret Garden

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have this little spot on the west side of my house between my house and the neighbor's privacy fence.  It gets no direct sunlight because of its location and a couple of small trees near the property line.   As a consequence, nothing grows there.  My front yard is slightly slopped toward the house, so when it rains, all the water goes rushing down the yard, under my fence, and washes all the dirt away, leaving me with exposed roots and even less to slow the water down.

I, however, am a crafty sort and have come up with this:

 I'm using a mix of two varieties of astilbe (that purple flower in the third photo - Amethyst in the back and Visions in Red in the front (ViR pictured)), hostas (Frances Williams), and ferns.  Even though right now it's not a secret garden, once I get the sun beds set up in front of it, it will be a hidden, secret garden.

I kind of love that idea.

Also, check out the turtle I found hiding in the vinca major (aka Bigleaf Periwinkle) growing between the low stone wall and the privacy fence just behind it.  He's lurking like a ninja...a Ninja Turtle.  HA!

I Survived! Now What?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I did it.  Yay!  Finals ended on Thursday, and I'm slowly reclaiming my life. 

Been to the bar?  Twice! 
Went shopping?  Yep!  
Saw a movie? With my best pal! 
Cleaned my house? So, that's what my floor looks like!

I've missed my life and I'm so happy to have it back.  Admittedly, I've applied for a job and if I get it, I'll be working part time, which is fine with me, until I head off to England with my gal pals for some rigorous legal education and some not-so-rigorous bebopping around Europe!

In the meantime, and maybe also for while I'm abroad, do y'all have any Must-Reads for me?  I've read Water for Elephants, and The Help is already on my list as well as Room, but what else?  I mean, I know I could just go to the New York Times Bestseller list, but I want to know what y'all think. 

What are the hits?  What are the misses?  I have three months to cram in an entire year's worth of reading.  Help a girlfriend out!

Finals. Ew.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Despite my bright, shining (read: makeup free), but well caffeinated (note the Starbucks) face, 8:00 am is not a pleasant time for me to be awake on a Saturday morning for a law school exam, despite the yummy brekkie they served us.

Nearing completion.  Next two are doozies, though.  See y'all on Friday!

Hotty Toddy, Y'all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know football season doesn't start for ages, but Sperry has some seriously cute shoes, perfect for Groving and cheering on my Rebs!

Maybe not for Groving, but I think these would be great for a baseball game or just roaming around the Square.

There is nothing I don't like about these shoes.  The polka dots, the bow, the peep toe.  Just general love and how much fun would these be on game day with a red or navy dress?

These strike me as a little more casual than the other wedges - maybe its the rope bow?  Either way, I could see these with a white dress with red and blue accessories.

Classic, simple, just a bit nautical, and Rebel red!

It is surprisingly hard to find a good look, classic blue shoe.  I love the pairing of the tan leather with the bright blue navy.  Gorgeous with a red dress.

While not strictly red and blue, I think these are fabulous and want them in my closet.  I'd so wear them to a game.  I think wedges are more comfortable than heels, and much easier to walk in, and I love how secure these look like they would be on my foot.  No walking out of these babies!

While not a "Grove" shoe, let's be honest.  Toward the middle to end of the football season, when the Grove has seen many a party, the grass is in pretty rough shape.  Couple that with rainy falls and you get MUD.  And lots of it.  Rainboots are a practical choice.  I've sported them in the grove before:

Let's just ignore the fact that I look wide as a house - I was scrunched up and leaning!

Love these.  So casual, so perfect for baseball, basketball, football, or class (because apparently Ole Miss isn't just for football?).

Wrapping up with a classic!  These I would wear just about anywhere.  On the shopping on Square with a jean skirt, grabbing a bit at Papito's, watching a baseball game.  I just love these.

Hotty Toddy, Y'all!

More Summer Lilly Faves!

Monday, May 9, 2011

When I started to feel like reading one more word about the Erie Doctrine in my supplement was going to make my head explode, I took my little self over to the Lilly website to check out the Summer 2011 catalogue.  I know I've already blogged about some of my favorites for the summer, but here are just a few more.  I'd love to hear your take on them!

I'm loving that Lilly is including more blues in the collections these days.  Pink is fabulous, of course, but sometimes a girl needs to mix it up.  As I already mentioned, I love sleeves with short dresses - no one wants to bother with a wrap on a cool summer evening - so of course I'm loving the Shauna tunic, featured above in Classic White Begon Ya Know It (top) and Classic White Fallin In Love Placed
Novelty (bottom).

I've made no secret that I adore the Sullivan but have yet to try it on!  It just looks so easy and comfortable and effortless!  Featured above in Starburst Yellow Stamped and below in Classic White Ride the Wave.

Mmm Madras - need I say more?  Loving the Cameron in Multi Bingo Blanket Sewn Patch.

Those FABULOUS Buttercup shorts again in Hotty Pink Holiday Seersucker, this time paired with my favorite top for the summer, the Wynne in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias.

And one mustn't forget her footwear!  How cute are these nautical Sail Away sandals?

Fields of Gold

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I spent Mother's Day with my favorite mothers: my own, my grandmother, and my mother's sister.  My mother's parents are cattle farmers, and the fields were so pretty with the little yellow weed flowers that come into the pastures with the feed that I had to take advantage and snap a few of my favorite bovine subjects.

One of my favorites!

The obligatory flower photo.

Among the fields of gold.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

No Boys Allowed: Design Inspiration

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm loving this bedroom featured on HGTV's Rate My Space and on the designer Janell's blog.  It was designed for her then-eight-year-old-daughter, but I would gladly and eagerly move in.  I'm loving the coral and turquoise combination as well as the geometric fabric.  And that lighting fixture?  To die for!

And the best part is, on her blog, she holds your hand through all the projects to get a similar look in your own home.  So wonderful and such an inspiration!

Thirsty Thursday

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm very proud of myself.  I participated in Cinco de Mayo/Sip-n-Shop tonight and didn't get drunk, even after donating blood this afternoon.

I have matured so much since college.  

Or maybe just my liver has.  ;)

Hoping I'll be "Glad Yellow"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think I've picked a shade of yellow.  

"Glad Yellow" by Sherwin Williams

It's buttery and sunny without, I think, being too overwhelming.  I ran a Google search for the color and found a blog whose owner had painted her daughter's room this color.

It's really similar to my inspiration photo, right?

I was worried it was too "Post-It Yellow" but by putting an additional couple of coats and letting them dry, it got a little warmer and less...paperwork-y.

My mom - I've given up saying we, because my mudding skills are seriously lacking and my mom basically did the dry wall work - finished the sanding and mudding today.  She put on a few coats of primer and, come the end of finals, I'll be ready to tile my backsplash!  My mom's so handy, right?



Pretty awesome, right?  Like the hole was never even there!  And any imperfections will be covered up by pretty subway tile after finals!  Woo!  I'm so excited to finally be tackling what I thought of as the worst room in the house - the kitchen.  I'll be sure to keep you updated with even the tiniest changes!

Birds of a Feather?

Monday, May 2, 2011

While I was pondering yellows, I started to think about the one window I have in the room.  Right now it's a bright turquoise, and I think the color is a little bright  for the scheme I'm eventually wanting.  

I really like this fabric, but I think the yellow-on-yellow would be a bit much, even if the grey birds are super chic.

Premier Prints, Inc. - Barber Collection in Corn Yellow/Kelp Slub

But, hey!  Check this out:

Premier Prints, Inc. - Barber Collection in Powder Blue

I wonder how this would look against a yellow wall.

These are nice too, but at $60/yard, super duper expensive:

Vintage Plumes Jade Floral Printed Drapery Fabric by Robert Allen Dwell Studios

Vintage Plumes Birch Floral Printed Drapery Fabric by Robert Allen Dwell Studios

Moving away from birds, this fabric is kind of pretty, and it would tie in the blue from the front room.  But is there enough aqua in it?

Vauxhall Chambray by Covington Toile Drapery Fabric

I'm thinking not.  And maybe it's a little formal for me.

I forgot how much I hate trying to decide on a color scheme.