Total Steal!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

On my way back from the wedding, I got ready to make my turn back home and the sun was just low enough in the sky to be absolutely blinding.  So naturally, I decided to wait it out and shop a little.  I've been obsessed with these shirt dresses from Old Navy since I spotted them about a week ago.

Of course, I fall in love with them about two weeks after they go on sale, and they're all out of Mediums on the website.  So what do I do?  Oh, I just go on a four-store search.  No big deal.  I want the red one desperately:

But alas, it was not meant to be.  I did, however, locate the khaki and the floral.  The khaki was not as flattering on - I already knew tan wasn't my color, but I was hoping.  The floral on the other hand...

Well, it just looks fab!  It fits wonderfully with a short slip underneath to prevent unfortunate rear clingage.  It will be so perfect for running around in the summer!  The best part?  IT COST $7.50.  That's including tax.  I wasn't sold on the pattern until I checked the price tag.  Signed, sealed, delivered, it's mine!  (Of course, Property II has forever ruined that phrase for me.  It's a dress, not a deed!)

I haven't given up on the red one and plan to search the Old Navys (Navies?  Whatever.) around Capital City.  Wish me luck on my quest for casual summer fashion.


  1. Rachel has this dress and I want it too!

  2. Faye, does she have it in red? And if so, do you have a key to her house/know when she'll be out of town?!


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