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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Since the weather is getting nice and the weeds are sprouting in the back, I've been working a fair amount in the backyard.  The front yard is mostly finished (though I have to dig up but not throw out some ajuga that is quickly taking over), so it's time to look to the back.

I inherited a Woodard wrought iron patio set (Briarwood pattern) from my parents, which I'm so grateful for because at over $1100, a new five-piece set would have been way out of my price range.  Moreover, my mom was kind enough to buy me a 9 ft. chocolate brown umbrella from Big Lots for a mere $50 (compared to $150 at Target for a similar umbrella).

Of course, the brown umbrella doesn't look so great with the flaking, dark green-almost-black paint job on my table and chairs.  So I decided to paint them apple green with sky blue details!  So cheerful and fun!

The bargain 'brella

Before (boo!)


Hi, toes!

The black thing is the base for my umbrella.  Because my table has a pole support running down the center, I had to get a super low profile base.  Unfortunately, I could only find one in this gross oatmeal-beige color, so I spray-painted it black to match the pole of my umbrella!  Yay!

Taping off the new, blue flowers

 First coat of fun apple green

 Finished chair with Home Depot pillow ($13)

 All together now!

I'm so ready to spend lazy summer days on my patio.  I'm actually blogging this from beneath the umbrella, listening to the birds chirp and watching the sun set.  I just finished a delicious brickoven pizza and salad from my local pizzeria, and I'm so relaxed and mellow.  Hope your Saturday evening is off to as lovely a start as mine!

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