Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE.  There are so many fun, elegant, and plain must-haveable pieces out now, and I hear even more will be arriving in the coming weeks.  For now, some of my favorite looks from Lilly:

 Josie tunic with mystery shorts
While the tunic is lovely, I'm much more interested in the pink, scalloped seersucker shorts.  They weren't on the website yet, so I'm guessing they'll be part of the next release for the season.  So excited!

Added 5/4: My mystery shorts are the "Buttercup Short."  I want some so badly!

Shayna dress
I know this is similar to the navy lace dress I got from Target, but I love the long sleeves on this.  I'm very into short dresses with long sleeves right now.  I feel like they're sexy without being in your face about it.

Callahan short with Wynne top
I'm all about ruffles (as if that comes as a shock to anyone) and I'm loving the asymmetrical, almost one-shouldered style of the Wynne top.

Sandra dress in Punch Pink
Ruffles + one-shouldered = Biz in love.  Of course, pink is my signature color, but part of me thinks I should diversify.  The Worth Blue (shown below) has been out since Spring, and I'm wondering if I should opt for that one instead of my fun, flirty pink.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions.

So what are your favorite looks from Lilly's Summer collection?  You know I love to talk about Lilly, so get commenting!

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  1. Oh, that Sandra one-shoulder is so pretty! I'll be honest - I've never ordered from Lily because I'm constantly living on loans, but I'd be tempted to for that dress! Maybe when it's on sale at the end of summer it'll find its way into my closet...


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