I Need More TiVos!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I need more TiVos to record all of the royal wedding specials I want, plus my normal TV shows (WHY are they bringing Gossip Girl back during royal wedding week?!  It's like, I've missed it and I'm thrilled, but it's conflicting with my Lifetime TV movie William & Kate!).  I've canceled all my nonessential Season Passes (Family Guy, Rehab Addict, Passport to Europe, Family Under Construction) to minimize conflicts, but it's still going to be tough.


My Royal Wedding Schedule (all times CDT)
Monday, April 18
8pm - William & Kate the Movie on Lifetime
9pm - 20/20 Special: William & Catherine on ABC
10pm - The Wedding of a Lifetime, Part 1 on Lifetime

Tuesday, April 19*
9pm - Royally Mad, Part 2 on BBC America
9pm - What the Sell?! on TLC
9:30pm - What the Sell?! on TLC 
*Power outage = No Tuesday Specials for Me! :( 

Wednesday, April 20
10pm - Royally Mad, Part 2 on BBC America

Friday, April 22
12pm - Royally Mad, Part 1 on BBC America

Sunday, April 24
10am - Diana's Dresses on BBC America
11am - Princess Diana: Her Life in Jewels on BBC America
12pm - William & Kate: Modern Monarchy on BBC America
12:30pm - Modern Monarchy Dos & Don'ts on BBC America
1pm - Prince William's Africa on BBC America
2pm - Prince William & Prince Harry: Into the Future on BBC America
3:30pm - William & Kate: A Fairytale Romance on BBC America
4pm - William & Kate: A Royal Love Story Updated on TLC
 5pm - William, Kate & 8 Royal Weddings on TLC
6pm - Charles & Di: Once Upon a Time on TLC
6pm -  Dateline: Kate Middleton on NBC
8pm - Untold Stories of a Royal Bridesmaid on TLC
9pm - Royally Astounding: 30 Defining Days of Monarchs on TLC

Tuesday, April 26
12am - Wild About Prince Harry on TLC
1am - William & Kate: Inside the Royal Wedding on TLC
7am - Royal London on BBC America
7am - All the Queen's Horses on BBC America
8am - Modern Monarchy: Here and There on BBC America
1pm - The Art of Diana on BBC America
3:30pm - William & Harry: The Brother Princes on BBC America
9pm - What the Sell?!: "Princess in the Windy City" on TLC
9:30pm - What the Sell?!: "God Save the Queen" on TLC

Wednesday, April 27
10am - How to Be a Prince, Part 1 on BBC America
11am - How to Be a Prince, Part 2 on BBC America
9pm - Extreme Royal Collections on TLC
9pm - Kate Middleton: Uncommon Bride on Biography

Thursday, April 28
7pm - The Making of a Royal Wedding on TLC
8pm - Countdown to the Royal Wedding on TLC

Friday, April 29
2:30am to 4am - Royal Wedding Pre-Show on TLC
3am - The Royal Wedding with Barbara Walters & Diane Sawyer on ABC [ends at 9am]
4am to am- The Royal Wedding on TLC 
8am to 12pm - The Royal Wedding on TLC 
8am to 1pm - The Royal Wedding with Guiliana Rancic on E! [rebroadcast]
5pm - Inside the Royal Wedding on E!
8pm - Will and Kate: Road to the Altar on E!
8pm - 20/20: The Royal Wedding, A Look Back with Diane Sawyer on ABC
8pm - Dateline: Instant Documentary on NBC
9pm - Fashion Police: Royal Wedding on E!

I can't decide who to pick for the wedding itself.  Right now I've got TLC booked, but I want to find out who is hosting.  Part of me wants to watch the BBC America broadcast, for the real British experience.  Considering I will be fast asleep in my little bed at 4am, I won't be able to flip back and forth.  Clearly, I need more TiVos.

Do any of y'all have Royal Wedding plans?  Any great specials I can't miss?  Can you help me pick who to watch for the wedding itself?  I'd love to hear about it and I'd love any help you could give me!


  1. thank you for that! i'm so glad i know what's coming on and on what channels!! yay. i love kate!

  2. Holy cow, lady. I thought I was a follower, but realized I wasn't. Fixed that problem!!! :) Am happy to be here and reading!

    I'll admit it - I have a bit of Royal Wedding Fever too. I tuned in to the Lifetime movie last night, but wasn't too impressed. Oh well. Got to start small and work my way up to the big event anyway. :)

    Also, did you design your blog? Have you thought about doing anyone else's? Mine needs a revamp and I am LOVING the way yours looks!

  3. @LL - Glad to have you! And yes, I did do my own blog; thank you! Post finals, I'd love to chat with you about whipping up something. It's really relaxing to me (and super satisfying when it turns out right, haha!). I'll drop you a line post-finals!

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