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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail!

Easter's on its way.  I have fond memories of Easter.  As a kid, it was like a second Christmas, and I don't mean with the presents.  I mean with the chance to visit with my family and take lots of photos.  I'm the only granddaughter on one side of my family and the youngest grandchild by like 20 years.  So they would always put on these fantastic Easter egg hunts for me, and when I'd found them all, they'd rehide them so I could hunt again.  I always had a gorgeous new Easter dress, and like any proper Southern girl, I wore little white socks with lace on the cuffs.  I'm too old for lace socks these days (and I'm confident in saying that's okay), but I still love finding grown up ways to capture the spirit of those Easters from back then.

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  1. Elizabeth~ what a great assortment of colored eggs!
    I just love Easter... even at my age!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. Love all these pictures! And I LIVED in little white socks with lace when I was younger!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I, too, miss the days of dressing up and finding hidden eggs :(

    Hope you have a fantastic Easter!

    Adorable blog!

  4. Oh dear, I had all colors of socks with lace on them.....and hated them!! (Am I a proper girl? haha hope so!) I had a particularly lacy pair with two inches of lace.....gag! I love these photos though, and I definitely love that my mom dressed me like a little girl rather than letting me grow up to fast

  5. Lovely Easter funds, especially the bunny in the egg!
    Have a sweet Easter!

  6. Beautiful pictures! None of my Easter eggs ever looked like that! I sure wish they did! :)

  7. Adorable eggs! Love the glittery ones! Just found your blog and became a follower-look forward to reading more! Please stop by mine and follow me if you get a chance!!!

  8. @ Isle of View - Two inches? Very impressive! But I must point out, I didn't say I loved them (though I totally did!). Loving those socks isn't necessary - just having them, haha! :)

    @ Everyone - Thank y'all so much for stopping by and wishing me a happy Easter! Right back atcha!


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