From Granny's Garden

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thanks to my sweet granny sharing her iris rhizomes with me last spring, I have these beautiful bearded irises sitting on my dining table (I moved them after I took the photos).  I also have a handful of buds in my backyard, so I'll have some of those pretties, too!  Love me some hand-me-down flowers!

Oh, p.s., the Rue La La stuff shipped back today since no one called dibs!

P.P.S. (4/17) - The last photo is of one of the irises that bloomed last night.  Love that deep purple color!


  1. I kept going back and forth over that dress from RueLaLa. I love it, but do I need it? This whole paying off my credit card situation before spending any more money is no fun at all :(

    What beautiful flowers from your Granny's garden! I need to get started on planting some more flowering perinneals. I've got the green stuff covered, but I need more color!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm so impressed by your flowers-- I have a black thumb, haha!


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