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Monday, March 14, 2011

So I was flipping through Marie Claire the other day when I spotted this fabulous ad:

Now, I love everything about Bryce Dallas Howard.  If I could switch bodies with someone, it would be her, hands down.  She's tall, sports gorgeous red hair, and have you seen the shape of her eyes?  To die for!  And now, she's got an ad campaign for Kate Spade.  LOVE!


 Three of my favorite things: bright colors, redheads, and bicycles!

(my favorite!)

Pretty sure I need that jacket!

I know tons of people have already blogged about this campaign, but you know what?  I haven't.  And I bet they didn't blog about a giveaway.  That's right.  My friend T is giving away a super cute pencil Kate Spade case here.  I haven't entered because, well, to be honest, I wouldn't use it and I'd like the prize to go to someone who would!  After all, Kate Spade deserves to be used and loved.

Hope your week is going well and that you're living color fully!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out presh! And I do love that new campaign as well :) And BDH!


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