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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I went shopping with my mom for interview clothes, since OCIs are next month, and I didn't have a suit.  We had a very productive, if long, day with only a few spats, all of which either stemmed from my grogginess earlier in the day to her soreness as the day wore on.  Here are a couple of my favorite finds from today:

I discovered that my "carry on" size suitcase from the luggage set I got after graduating high school was too large for Delta standards when I went to DC in November.  I had to borrow my mom's for that trip and developed a very strong hatred of it, due in large part to the fact that it kept falling over because I had shoes crammed in the front.  Shockingly, most people in airports don't care to be knocked in the knees by my luggage!  So I acquired this beauty from Dillard's today (I had Delta's carry on size saved in my phone and was able to make sure it would fit).  It's London Fog, from the Cambridge collection, and it was a steal at $64, including tax.  Full retail is $260.  Got to love half of half sales!  The leather is a richer brown than the picture shows and it is actually a really pretty suitcase.  Very pleased!

I've been looking for a wellcut, reasonably priced, classic khaki trench for some time and was so happy to find one at Banana Republic.  I had to go up a size, from a Medium to a Large in order to allow for room for clothes underneath, but judging from online reviews, it seems to run a little small, which is fine for me.  I don't care about vanity sizing - I just want it to fit!  It's not like anyone will be snooping at the tag size.

Next up was a very "smart suit," to borrow a phrase from my British pal Rose.  Until today, I didn't own a proper suit.  Instead, I made do with separates.  I'm glad to have a basic black suit to wear to my interviews.  This number came from Banana and fits well, needing only minimal tailoring (always have to buy bigger to fit my tush and have it taken in to fit my waist).  Now if only my legs looked like the model's!  Fortunately, that's what tights are for, and tights I purchased!

I've become a Kate Spade addict lately - loving her bags, jewelry line, and now her tights!  These tonal argyle tights were a bargain at Dillard's - half off!  I'm not super crazy when it comes to patterned tights (as much as I liked the polka dotted tights also offered by Kate Spade, I don't think I would have ever worn them), but these will be great for class or lunch with the girls.  I also snagged a couple of Hue tights and some boot socks (don't judge - my feet get cold even in my Uggs!).

It was a very long day, but at least I'm finished with interview apparel and accessories!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. I have developed a new obsession with Kate Spade too! It's getting dangerous. That gal knows how to please us!


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