"Your 2012 Closet"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reposted from my new favorite blog, What I Wore.  You'd better believe I'll be buying the book (see my aforementioned inability to dress myself).

  • Basics: classic pieces in core colors that you wear year after year and that work for every season.
  • Core colors: neutral building blocks like black, dark brown, or charcoal gray
  • Secondary colors: bright or bold trendy colors that are season specific (for example, pastels in spring or jewel tones in fall)
  • Add-ons: trendy and seasonal pieces that round out your closet
Let’s start with the basics and add-ons every woman should have in her closet.

Color Story

Pick Your Core Color
When you’re getting started with your year-round basic clothing, it’s best to stick to a core color-like black, dark brown, or charcoal gray. A lot of women end up with nothing to wear because they’ve limited themselves to wearing an item only one way (this happens when you shop for head-to-toe “looks”). If everything in your closet flows from one piece to the next, from outfit to outfit, you’re left with so many more potential combinations. That flow is best achieved by starting with the following basic items in one core color:
  • Blazer or Jacket
  • Cardigan
  • Button Up Blouse in white or off white
  • Camisole
  • Trousers
  • Little Black Dress
  • Opaque tights
  • Skirt
  • Dark Denim Jeans
Once you feel your basics are covered in one core color (and you’re buying quality, classic clothes that last more than a single season), expand into a new core color.

If you can afford to spend more on the basic part of your closet, do it, especially for investment pieces such as blazers, slacks, skirts, and coats. Although your head-to-toe look doesn’t need to cost a fortune, wearing one high-quality (and sometimes more expensive) item can make your entire outfit look more polished. You can get away with spending less on tights, tees, and casual sweaters because these need to be replaced more often and are not usually the focal point of an outfit.

Secondary Color Palette
Next, start to add diversity and pattern into your closet with a new set of what I’m calling your add-on pieces. While your core colors work year-round, your seasonal add-on pieces will be in secondary colors. For this example, I’ve started with the blues and purples in the prints of the dress and skirt. From there, I’ve added on a violet cardigan that works with both pieces. For each new garment you add-on, make sure there’s something it will work with in your current closet (basics or other add-on pieces). Key add-on pieces include:
  • Printed Dress
  • Solid Dress in Secondary Color
  • Printed Skirt
  • Solid Skirt in Secondary Color
  • Cardigan in Secondary Color
  • Printed or Solid Blouse in Secondary Color
  • Solid Tanks in Secondary Color
  • Solid Tights in Secondary Colors
I usually spend less money on items that are multicolored or patterned because they have less mix-and-match possibilities than their solid- color counterparts. And while you might wear the same bold-printed skirt two weeks in a row, you probably won’t wear it two days in a row like you can with a solid-colored cardigan or skirt.

The idea here isn’t to be matchy matchy with every single item you have-your closet doesn’t need to look like a color-coordinated boutique. Instead, it’s more about buying clothes that flow from one outfit to the next, like the tights and cardigans and accessories that transform your investment pieces into weeks and weeks worth of outfits.

Pro Tip: When shopping, make a rule for yourself that each new piece you buy goes with at least three things you already have in your closet.

Shoes may be a small part of your outfit, but they’re an important one. The bulk of your shoe collection will be specific to your needs (standing all day, work safety, lots of walking), but don’t limit yourself there. To be covered for almost every occasion, the most basic shoe stash should contain:

  • Black or Brown Heels
  • Black or Brown Flats
  • Nude Heels (because they work with everything)
  • Black or Brown Boots (riding or heeled)
  • Walkable Flats (canvas sneakers, sandals or slip ons)
Of all these shoes, walkable flats are the pair that need to come with a warning: White gym sneakers should never, ever be worn with business suits, office outfits, or cocktail dresses (or really any place other than the gym). If you have a long walk to and from your job, go ahead and get a supportive pair of walking shoes, but spice things up by going with an old-school color palette (like burnt orange, maroon, mustard yellow, navy) or go with some funky flats with built-in cushioning.

In the following chapters I’ve paired up the shoes I think will look best with an outfit, but you can always swap out flats for heels or vice versa.

The Foundation
Finally, buy yourself some decent underwear! Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel good about your body (and you know exactly what I’m talking about). A modern woman might argue that slips are for grannies, but they’ll make your clothes flow when you’re wearing tights or hosiery. I’ve had luck finding them in specialty lingerie boutiques, finer department stores, and vintage shops. They’ve been a lifesaver so many times for me that I’m slowly but surely adding to my collection with different lengths and colors. And the proper length is important-just the other day I attempted to roll the waistband of a half slip so it didn’t show under the mini-skirt I was wearing. Big mistake! Within half an hour the hem of that slip started to creep down to reveal itself. Not cute. Slips should always be shorter than your skirt.

For your foundation garments I recommend:
  • Seamless bra and undies to match your skin tone (these should be virtually invisible  under all clothing)
  • Seamless strapless bra to match your skin tone (invisible under all clothing and good for thin straps/strapless tops)
  • Black seamless bra and undies (invisible under dark clothing)
  • At least one set of matching bra and undies in a fun/sexy color
  • Foundation shorts (for super tight dresses and tummy control)
  • Half slip (to wear under skirts)
  • Full skip  (to wear under dresses)
Analyze Your Closet
Now that you know what you need to buy to get your wardrobe into tip- top shape, let’s figure out what you already have that’s worth keeping. When I take stock of my closet, I remove everything from the shelves, drawers, and hangers and throw it all on my bed (so I can’t talk myself out of the job and crash for a nap halfway through). This is the kind of project that takes a lot of energy, so you should plan for an entire Saturday or Sunday with a mind-set of determination. Once you have one giant pile, assess each piece and create three new piles: yes, maybe, and donate/resell. With each item you pick up, use your flash judgment. At the beginning of the process, you’ll feel like putting a lot into the “yes” pile, but as you progress, you’ll be getting rid of the pieces that don’t make you look and feel your best. You might even want to go through the “yes” pile again and try to narrow it down even more. A lot of women hold on to clothes years after the last time they wore an item, telling themselves, “I might need this later!” The truth is, you probably won’t need it later, and if you get rid of something you’re not wearing anyway, you open the door to replace it with something that you’ll love even more.

Now it’s time to try everything on. It might sound crazy, but it’s a waste of space to put things in your closet that don’t fit, and it’s aggravating when you reach for that piece when you’re in a rush. Anything that’s not within one size of fitting perfectly needs to go to the tailor or Goodwill. (I make one exception to this rule. On the back shelf of my closet I keep one pair of “skinny” jeans for when I’m feeling extra sexy and one pair of “slouchy” jeans for when I’m not.) Take everything that doesn’t fit or is no longer to your taste and put it in another room so you’re working only with the good stuff. While you’re trying each item on and checking it out in a full-length mirror, ask yourself:
  • Does it flatter my body?
  • Did I feel great the last time I wore it?
  • Can I remember the last time I wore it?
If you answer no to any of these questions, get that item out of your closet, pronto.

The important thing to remember is to build your closet around the life you’re living now. If you spend most of your time at the office, buy work clothes. If your primary interest is comfort, find ways to be practical yet stylish. If you love nightlife, buy yourself some sexy tops and dresses. It’s all about balance to suit you and your time.

My New Ride!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some of y'all might know this, but most of y'all probably don't.  I'm a bike enthusiast.  Now, I don't watch the Tour de France or jaunt around town in bike shorts, but I do enjoy riding my bike instead of driving my car when feasible.  It started in college, when I lived in a town that doesn't believe in adequate parking.  Seriously, Ole Miss issued more parking passes than it had spots, so this meant you had to creepily stalk people walking to their cars and be prepared to bitchslap anyone who tried to jack your spot.  This also meant that once you had a spot, you didn't want to give it up.  So you either walked everywhere or you found an alternate mean of transportation.

Enter my first adult bike.  She was a beauty - a Huffy Cranbrook cruiser in pale teal.

Single speed, comfortable seat, and white wall tires.  Since Ole Miss has a relatively flat campus, we got along just fine for four years.  She kind of became a fixture on the bike rack outside the KD house.  We rode to the Square together, to class, into bushes and pylons... Ahem.  Moving on.

When I moved back home, I had to put the old girl in the shed, since a single speed in my hilly hometown wasn't going to cut it.  I still rode around my neighborhood a bit, but I don't like to walk just to walk or ride just to ride.  I need a destination.  But like I said, a single speed + a hill = death on two wheels.

I've been lusting after a red Schwinn for ages.  I know, I know, they're made in China now and aren't nearly as nice as they once were, but still.  The name Schwinn still means classic cool bike.  I saw my new ride while in Walmart with my mom earlier this month and there she was.  Red, white, and fantastic.  My mom knew of my bike lust and asked if I wanted it.  DUH.  Three Walmarts later (because I'm picky and wanted her to be perfect), I had her in my possession.  Add some cool wire panniers and we're ready for the grocery store.

I love her.  We rode to the grocery store yesterday and picked up bread, frozen dinners, yogurt, soups, and crackers, and ALL of it fit in my panniers.  Plus, the seven speeds on the new gal made tackling those hills much easier, even if I did have to walk her up some of the steeper ones.  My back is a little sore today from the ride, but that just means I need to do it more often.  After all, Amsterdammers do it every day.

Are any of y'all bicycle enthusiasts?  Any tips for a casual rider?  I'd love to see photos of your rides.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Um...why did I not know about ModCloth?  Oh wait.  It's probably because I am not a fashionable person (despite my best efforts).  I think it's because I'm lazy when it comes to clothes.  I was the girl who went to the Gap in sixth grade and bought one of their classic t-shirts in every color and wore them on a rotating basis with blue jeans.  Every.  Single.  Day.  I find what I like, and I stock up.  In college, I rocked t-shirts and running shorts every day (I have 70+ sorority t-shirts.  Seriously, I counted).  In law school, it's been a weird lovechild of college t-shirts & jeans and suits.  But I'm trying to get better!

A friend was shopping for a dress for an office Christmas party and kept talking about ModCloth.  Because I'm nosy, I Googled.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

Here are some of my faves.

These were my favorites out of the 2000+ dresses featured on the site.  Have any of y'all ever bought anything from ModCloth?  What did you think of the quality/shipping/etc?  I'd love to hear from you!

Christmas Decorating

Friday, November 25, 2011

I rearranged my living room furniture in anticipation of my book club meeting at my house/putting up my Christmas tree, and I think I like it well enough to leave it after the tree comes down!



What do you think? Have y'all started decorating for Christmas?  Any great tips or ideas you'd like to share?

Picture Frame Earring Display

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I promised you a how-to on how I made my earring holder/display, so here it comes.

Supply List
Picture frame of your choice - $? (mine were buy one, get one, so $22)
24" x 5 ft Hardware Cloth - $10 from Home Depot (in the garden center with the chain link)
Light duty staples - Free (already had it!)
Multi-purpose staple gun - Free (already had it!)
Hammer - Free (already had it!)

The actual putting together is easy.  Here's a tip: MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE.  I didn't and had to cut three times, resulting in wasted mesh.  Oops.

1.  Take the backing, any inserts, and the glass out of the frame.

2.  Lay your frame flat on the ground and stretch the mesh along the back.  Don't try to measure to fit the lip, because odds are, that part of the frame will be too thin for your staples.  (I'm speaking from experience.)  Be sure to leave a row or two of mesh extra so that you have something to staple.  (Again, speaking from experience.)  Use regular scissors to cut through the mesh.  It helps to have something to hold the mesh down with, since it's sort of like uncoiling a slinky - it keeps wanting to roll back up.

Tip:  Be careful when you make the final cut, because the mesh will spring back at you.  If you're especially concerned, a pair of safety glasses might not be amiss.

3.  Once your mesh is cut, smooth it on the back of the frame and get to stapling.  It helps to do the corners first so that you can free up your hands and not have to worry about it springing back at you while you staple along the sides.

4.  The staples don't have to be perfect.  Even if they don't go all the way it, you can tap them down with a hammer.  My hammer just sort of squished the nails rather than driving them in, but not a problem.  It still holds the mesh down.  Tip:  When choosing your frame, look for a wall frame so that it comes with hanging hardware pre-installed.

5.  Flip it over, hang it up and get to hanging!

C'est fini!  Très chic, non?

I always make a mess when I craft.  ;)  Tip:  If you have little feet (or tiny paws) running around your house, run a vacuum over your crafting space to get up any bits of metal that broke loose when you cut your mesh.

Sorting Out My Jewels

Monday, November 14, 2011

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed a few new additions to my Chic Organization board.

After getting sick and tired of never being able to wear the perfect necklace for my outfit because I was running late and didn't have time to untangle the wicked rat's nest my necklaces had somehow woven themselves into, I decided to make use of the very nifty linen closet I have in my master bath.

I'm just guessing, but I'd say it's about 2 1/2 feet tall and maybe 1 1/2 feet deep.  Lots of storage and, more importantly, two very long doors.  So, armed with about 50 cup hooks (98¢ for 5 at Home Depot) and a hammer and nail to poke the hole to screw the cup hook into, I did this:

(Ignore the myriad of haircare and skincare 
products - I swear I'm not that high maintenance.)

Now my necklaces are easy to find, tangle free, and readily accessible.  YAY!  


I don't just have a neck.  I also have an ear.  In fact, I have two ears, which means, you guessed it...I have a ton of earrings.  While my earrings weren't prone to getting tangled in my jewelry box, they were prone NOT following the buddy system, meaning I could usually find one but rarely both.  Do you see where I'm going with this?


Nifty, huh?  I'm going to make another one to go on the other door to hold the rest of my earrings, but my stomach is growling and Hart of Dixie is calling.  I'll post a How-To with photos tomorrow, in case you feel the urge to sort out your own jewels.

Me & Vincent

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I don't know if I've mentioned on the blog before how much I adore Vincent van Gogh.  He is probably my favorite painter and I could have spent days in the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (as it was, I was there until closing and way after my travel pals were ready to go).  I love his use of color, the way you can feel the emotion in his art just by looking at it.  I think he's just amazing.

This Thursday past, I was volunteering at a benefit for my local ARC, an organization supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  There were a lot of local artists as well as art by ARC students as well, and I had a really great time.  While there, I met a local artist who had a gorgeous van Gogh-inspired skyline of my city.  It had already sold, but I told him how much I admired it and he revealed that he had a smaller one at home.  I got his card, shot him an e-mail last night, and, after making beaucoup bucks babysitting tonight, have agreed to make it mine.

Isn't it fantastic?  I'm more than a little obsessed and I can't wait to bring it home!  See what happens when you help others?  Good things come your way!

Awesome Giveaway

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oooh, y'all.  My pal Rachel is hosting a Marley Lilly giveaway for a $50 gift certificate.  If you're a Southern blogger, you probably already know about Marley Lilly, but if not, let me tell you about their fabulous monogrammed products and a few suggestions about what you should get with your $50.

Fleece Vest - $46

Weekender Bag - $44

Baseball Cap - $25

Derby Hat - $30

iPhone Cover - On Sale for $50 (Hotty Toddy!)

Ostrich Dot Clutch - $50

So many cute things, right?  And there's so much more on their website that I couldn't include here.  But you'd better hurry and enter now - the giveaway ends November 14th!

Party Like It's 1699

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My law school pal's roommate decided back in August that she wanted to have a Thanksgiving-themed birthday party.  I'm a little obsessed (read: a lot obsessed) with the roommate's dog, Penny.  Penny is a Goldendoodle that likes to hold hands.  Like, if you sit down next to her, she'll lift her paw in the air like she wants to shake, but she doesn't shake it.  She just lets you hold it.  Then, if her arm gets tired, she'll switch hands.  So precious.


Did I mention I was obsessed?  Anyway, I went as a pilgrim because, to be honest, making a Pilgrim costume is a lot easier than making an Indian costume.  I had the perfect amount of fun and was home around midnight, meaning I was up bright and early today to check things off my to-do list.  Plus, I had a lot of fun with my Pilgrim pals.  :)

Clearly, my friends and I enjoy a good costume party.  Basically we want to be back in college and going to swaps/functions.  Who doesn't miss those weekly costume parties?

Robble, Robble, It's the Hamburglar!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My pals finally posted Halloween pictures on Facebook, which means I get to share them with you.  Note to self: take more photos with your camera.

My pals are so creative in their costumes!  That's a unicorn, Wonder Woman, Sookie Stackhouse, an Indian, and the Black Swan!  Love them!  Did everyone else have a great Halloween?

Christmas Cards!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Because I think it's a little weird to send a solo pic of myself to my pals BUT my grandmother pouts that she doesn't have any recent photos of me, I'm having two Christmas cards this year.  One features Lilly (and y'all helped me pick it out!).  That one's a surprise, because I don't want to spoil it for those blogging pals who will be getting one.  :)

The other card is for the family and features me and my pal Ben.  Big Ben.

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Cute, right?  I was really excited to find a travel-themed Christmas card to commemorate my big trip from this year.  Plus, Shutterfly was having a great deal of 25% off holiday cards PLUS free shipping for orders over $30.  While I was only planning on ordering 15 cards, if I ordered 20, that qualified me for free shipping and I ended up with 5 extra cards for just $2 more.  Love combining those coupons!

Autumn in Dixie

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who needs Autumn in New England when you have this?

(Dutch, my grandparents' dog)

(Chili, my aunt and uncle's new dog)

Happy November, everyone!