Guest Room Photos!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know I'm lacking curtains and artwork, but it's workable! The walls don't look quite this melony-gold, but it's definitely a darker color than in the rest of my house.

Don't you want to come cozy up?

Got to represent my Kappa Delt! Also, I highly enjoy the vintage Arkansas glass (about $10) I bought on eBay after reading an article about vintage state glasses in Country Living. I plan to use it as a flower vase for when I have little guests come visit. Alarm clock from Target - $20. Lamp - about $25, lampshade - $15, both from Target.

The feet won't stay white, of course. I need to turn it upside down to paint them, but it's been so rainy lately, I haven't had a chance to finish it! My milkglass flower vase came from Sugar Magnolia Antique Mall in Oxford and cost (I believe) $6.

And yes, that fabric is just draped over Euro sham forms and the green floral fabric (I found it!) is just folded in half, but it gives you an idea of how the bed will look when it's finished!

Come visit me and put this cute room to use!

Bought the Fabric

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yesterday, I drove to Nearby College Town and bought 6 yards of the drapery fabric, 2 yards of the trefoil fabric, and about 3/4 yards of the zinnia/chrysanthemum fabric. The ladies in the Nearby College Town Hancocks are SO much nicer than the ones in Capital City. They were so helpful, so kind, and generally made me feel good about shopping at Hancocks.

I also decided on a paint color - Golden Fleece by Sherwin-Williams. My mom really likes it, which makes me like it more.

Also (I've had a productive 2 days), today I bought a red nightstand from Riverside. Regularly $110 plus tax, I got it for $70 with tax included. Love their sales! This is what it looks like, although I think this particular paint is Melon, while mine is Chili Pepper Red:
I'm going to try to match the red with some spray paint so I can paint my old wooden nightstand that I had when I was a little girl to match it. With some brown lampshades on my shiny candlestick lamps, they're going to be too cute!

Color Scheme 4.0 APPROVED!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wahoo! My mom came over and, after a bit of thought, approved of my design choices! We're going to be making custom tab-top curtains, euro shams, and I'm going to try to locate that green and brown floral whose pattern echoes the chrysanthemum pattern of the quilt to do a long skinny pillow. Whoopie! I'm buying the fabric as soon as it goes on sale - we're estimating 6 yards of the floral, 2 yards of the geometric, and about 1 yard (depending on the width) of the chrysanthemum fabric. Yayayayayayayayay!

Guest Room Color Scheme 4.0

Okay, so I've been going absolutely insane trying to decide on a color scheme for my guestroom. First it was a red, white, and blue themed room. Then it became a more sophisticated white, brown, and lavender-grey. Then, when I couldn't find the perfect shade of lavender-grey (either too blue, too cementy, too lavender), I decided to try yellow, brown, and white, so you would feel like you were stepping into a sunflower. Well, I have landed on the perfect color scheme and I am absolutely in love. I will cry if this doesn't happen.

Before I reveal my great plan, allow me to tell you of its origins (I sound like I'm about to share some sort of epic Viking tale!). I had planned to go to Home Depot this evening after work to look at yellow paints and dark beige paints, in line with my Van Gogh sunflower inspiration. Unfortunately, my mom couldn't go over to my house to let Lilly out to potty. So I had to. After that, I decided that I would let traffic die down a bit before I went to Home Depot and decided to check out Hancock Fabrics, on Cantrell. I've been feeling very inspired by the current season of HGTV show Sarah's House, in which she is redecorating this turn-of-the-century Canadian farmhouse. TiVo it if you can - such cute rooms, even if she has a to-die for budget for each (usually around $15,000-$20,000). Clearly way more than my...$500? $1000? Anywho, the reason I mention this is because one of the things I think Sarah does really well is use different fabrics to make an eclectic, comfortable, yet elegant room.

I decided to try to look at fabrics with brown and white in them, because I really do love the quilt from Target I bought, and I don't want to take it back:

(brown is the color - the pattern just showed up better on the purple)

So...lookie what I found:

I want to use them (at least the top 2 for sure) like this:

The floral will become my curtains...

The geometric will serve as accent pillows - 2 euro shams and maybe an extra long, but skinny, pillow to lay along the width of the bed.

And the walls will be painted a really warm brownish-gold color, sort of like...

(Sherwin-Williams - Compatible Cream)

(Sherwin-Williams - Golden Fleece)

(Sherwin-Williams - Blonde)

(Sherwin-Williams - Restrained Gold)

I'm obsessed with this idea, because it means I could introduce a little red and green to the room for some color without worrying that I'd be upsetting the scheme. But the brown remains the unifying factor throughout. I can afford the fabric easily, I think, especially with the upcoming 50% off sale at Hancocks. The question is whether or not I can convince my mom to go with me with my vision.

Wish me luck - she's coming over tonight to check my samples out!!!

$800 for My Guest Bed?!

Friday, July 16, 2010

On a whim this evening, I decided to try to find a bed similar to the one I bought and fixed up for about $250 ($175 - bed itself, $75 - paint, primer, sandpaper, steel wool, etc). I was curious to see if I could estimate how old the bed was and maybe what it would have cost if I'd bought it fixed up. Imagine my surprise when I found a bed that I am confident is from if not the same line as my bed then at least the same manufacturer.

Featured on, this bed was listed for $600 as is, $800 restored:

The similarities to my bed are striking - the same caning pattern, the 4-rose cameo, the thick outer posts with the two thinner inner posts on either side of the caning, the way the support for the boxspring on the headboard and footboard crosses just behind the caning...I really think they are from the same company.

The website listed the bed as being from circa 1900 to 1920, which is what I had guessed, but I'm just tickled pink that I'm getting the same $800 look for $250.

Guest Bedding: Update!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ahh, so I just realized that I forgot the mention that when my pretty blue bedding arrived, it wasn't blue at all! It was khaki! So not my taste. Luckily, the woman I bought it from is wonderful and is giving me a refund. Woo woo! Apparently she had two packages of bedding that looked the same from the outside. She opened one and it was blue, so she assumed this one was too.

This forced me to completely reconsider my color scheme, as I had planned on decorating around that bedding. I was really struggling, as I wanted the room to feel like it made sense with the rest of my house. I was determined to make the room gender neutral, but that was proving difficult with my white rose bed. I kept being drawn to more graphic bedding, but kept telling myself it was too modern for the rest of my house. Luckily, my mom pointed out to me that while my bedroom is incredibly feminine and shabby chic, the front room is mostly cottage-y with some graphic accents thrown in. This meant I could keep my romantic white bed but use my great-grandmother's brown dresser and some other graphic pieces to masculine it up some.

After pouring over bedding websites, looking in about five different stores, and staring at color schemes on line, I finally decided on a painted white bed, white matelasse (don't know what it is? Google, baby!) tucked in over some lightly patterned white-on-white sheets, with a graphic brown-and-white damask duvet folded at the end of the bed with lots of cushy pillows, some white, some brown, and others brown-and-white patterned. The walls will be this beautiful lavender-grey I found (Grape Mist by Sherwin Williams) that can look either purple or grey based on the light and looks really beautiful with the brown and white. Add some white lilies in a milk glass vase and voila! Cottage-y, cozy, chic!

For the windows, I plan on doing some sort of really luxurious looking blackout curtains in possibly a chocolate with white stripes at the bottom, depending on what I can find/bribe Bobbie into making for me. So excited! Come visit me and check out the comfort!

First Photos of the Guest Bed!

Okay, maybe not technically the first photos, since you saw the ones when the headboard was looking preeeeetty rough, but these are the first photos of the completed headboard. The footboard will look identical once it's finished, and I need to get a move on it since I have a brand new mattress sitting waiting for the frame and bed linens (a new set) on their merry way here. So, without further ado...

From seven hours in the car to find this...

to three coats of acid to reveal this...

to lots of rinsing and sanding with sand paper for this...

and three coats of primer and paint, I ended up with this:

and this...

It has taken waaaay longer than my initial estimate of three days (haha, laughable, really), and I still have to do the footboard, but I'm at least two thirds of the way finished with giving a new life to this bed. I'm also really excited to discover that my bed is at least from 1926, as it is marked by a company that was bought out in that year and stopped making their own furniture. So I'm being quite ecofriendly as well as fashionable. Yay me! I really love this bed and have this sickeningly sweet fantasies about tucking my own daughter into this bed someday. Until that day comes (far, far, FAR in the future!), I hope it will make a cozy and comfortable retreat for my guests.

Rain, rain, rain!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

:( I want to keep working on my guest bed, but it's supposed to rain all week. Will update with pictures when the bed is finished.

I'm also sick. :(

Good news, though! I've picked a color to paint the bedroom: Grape Mist, by Sherwin Williams.

It's a purpley-grey and I really like it. Very restful and it will read purple to women and grey to men. The perfect gender neutral color that isn't beige.