My TV Console!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Definitely glad I went with the vestibule console for my TV stand in the living room. I have lots of storage for books and other things (not sure what yet) and the drawers are currently holding the rest of my striped fabric for my chairs and two sets of curtains for the windows. I've taken off two of the knobs because I want to replace them with these cute glass ones they have for sale at Sugar Magnolia in Oxford. I think it will dress up the piece a bit.

Color Scheme for the Living Room

I've ended up, slightly by accident, with a blue, yellow, and white color scheme. My walls, of course, are blue and my furniture is white. Then I found this beautiful stripe, which I've mentioned before, and the trefoil fabric at the local fabric boutique and it all just came together. Above is the floral part of the collection I'm going with. It's the "Emily Madison Collection" by Mill Creek Fabrics for Hancock Fabrics. It's stain and soil resistant, which I think is pretty important for chair seats. Apparently it's been discontinued, however. Luckily, I bought plenty of the stripe for my seats and I'm going with a different fabric for my cushions.

I recovered the chair seats last night, gaining a big blister for my efforts with the staple gun. I think they turned out pretty well.

Busy 3 Days

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have had quite a busy three days. The insurance adjuster came out to look at the roof and ceiling where the leak was on Thursday...Did I mention the leak? Probably forgot. Right. Well, my mom and I were over at the house and she noticed some water damage on the ceiling in the back room (which is supposed to be my bedroom). It also looked like the water had been running down the paneling. Recently, we had just torrential rains and my 18-year+ roof sprang a leak. She called the insurance adjuster to see if we could get any money toward a new roof. Unfortunately, he said that there was no physical damage, only cosmetic. The drywall on the ceiling was still sound and right above where the leak was, on the roof, there was a build up of leaves, which probably allowed the water to puddle. He said to make sure that that area was kept clear and that, provided we didn't have torrential rains and the water wasn't allowed to pool, I could prime and paint over the water damage and that would be that. Then again, he said, water is like ants and the roof is starting to show its age and that once water has found a way in, like ants, it will keep creeping in. Ultimately, I think my mom wants to just replace the roof rather than just patch it. We shall see.

She also found out how much her bonus was this year on Friday. It has been a good year, meaning I was able to buy the Riverside console for my living room to put my TV on and these chairs for my dining room:

I plan on recovering the seats in a pretty fabric, maybe a blue and yellow stripe that I found in Hancock's this afternoon. It has a coordinating floral pattern, which I think would look pretty as small pillows on my sofa and kind of tie the two rooms together. I got samples of both, and I also think they would look good with a yellow-gold trefoil patterned fabric I found at this smaller boutique-like local fabric store. The only compromise would be that I wouldn't have any green in the room, just blue, white and yellow, which I don't think I mind too terribly.

But back to the chairs. They only had two in stock and the lady had ordered more. She could have ordered two with my name on them, so I would be guaranteed to get them, but if we did it that way, she couldn't give me a discount. As it was, I got 20% off both items. So I decided to take my chances and just check back next time I'm in town. I bet I'll be able to find two more like the ones I bought and be able to get the 20% discount.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that I actually put my chandelier up myself on Friday. It was kind of trial and error, with the length of the wires, but considering my lighting experience is limited to plugging in lamps and changing lightbulbs, I was pretty proud of myself for taking down the old fixture and putting up the new one without shocking myself or setting anything on fire.

Today, I found, while still at Hancock's, a graphic floral and butterfly pattern that I'm obsessed with. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but it was marked $3/yard, so I bought 3 yards, which will give me plenty to recover chair seats, make pillows, a doggie bed...whatever I want. I just really like it. I'll try and get photos up soon.

I own a sofa!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Okay, I'll admit that the slipcover is heinous. But for $50, it is super comfy and I have enough money to have a new slipcover made. I took the cover off and the sofa underneath is spotless. My mom and I picked it up and moved it into the living room.

I am in love. Plus, I have enough money left to really pick my favorite chair. Yay yay!

Granite Countertops - Yum!

The guy from the granite store came out today and measured for granite in the kitchen and back bathroom as well as new tile floors and walls in both bathrooms. Very exciting! Plus, if we do granite, I get my undermount sink in the kitchen, which is the only thing I have really really asked for in the kitchen. Granted, I would pee in my pants for new stainless appliances, which would cost around $1500 for a new fridge, oven/stovetop, and microwave venthood. But as long as I have my undermounted sink, I will be happy. I just hate how when you clean your countertops and have all these little crummies that get caught in the lip between the countertop and the sink. Gag!

I've been flip-flopping on TV stands. On the one hand, I like the idea of a little sofa table because it will be light and airy and not weigh the space down. On the other, I am in desperate need of storage, especially since my coffee table and chairside table have minimal storage opportunities. Hence, my consideration of a piece like this. From my favorite store (Riverside), it has two drawers and an adjustable shelf behind the doors. Perfect for storing books, dog toys, flashlights, et cetera. It's marked at $310 at the outlet in white, making it very similar to this $599 table from Pottery Barn:

The one from Pottery Barn is 38" x 16" x 36" h.; the one from Riverside is 41" X 12.25" X 36". Pretty darn similar, and if the woman comes down at all on the Riverside one, a definite contender.

Edited to Add: I went by the store today and the woman told me she could come down to $267.75 on the console. I am pondering...

Craigslist: A Girl's Best Friend?

I will not deny having had success with Craigslist in the past. I found the best summer job EVER on there working at a super fun day school. But I've never tried to buy furniture on Craigslist. Until now.

While we were in Dallas, I spotted an ad for six chairs that would have been perfect for my dining room if painted a creamy white to match my table. I sent off an e-mail, but unfortunately for me, I never heard back. The ad was taken down, so I'm assuming they were either sold to someone else or the seller changed his mind. Disappointed? Yes. They were priced excellently - 6 chairs for $120. Ah well. Better to have loved and lost and all that.

Anyway, I was on the site this morning, still seeking out dining chairs when I clicked on an ad for a sofa. $50 in West Capitol City. Then I saw the magic words: "All pillow covers and the slip cover are removable and washable." I called immediately. The ad said the couch was in good condition, but even if the slipcover was beyond gross, as long as it's truly a slipcovered sofa, I'll just pull the thing off and have a new one custom made, which I could do considering I alloted $500-$600 for a new sofa and this one is marked $50. I just hope it's comfortable and truly slipcovered. I'm meeting her at 5:00 pm today. Wish me luck!

Redecorating On Pause and Photos!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I had a tremendous fight with my dad last night, so I'll be heading back to Oxford earlier than expected, which puts my redecorating on pause. Or at least steals a weekend from me when I had expected to search for dining chairs with my mother.

The good news is that on the way back from Dallas, we stopped at the local granite store and picked out granite counter tops, an undermount sink (!), and tile for the kitchen and both bathrooms. They're sending a guy on Monday at 2:00 pm to measure the space for an estimate. I'm very excited by this development and hopefully we'll be able to afford it. I say hopefully because last night we learned that there is a major leak in my roof, meaning I'll probably need a brand new one. This is good news in that the current roof is an ugly white-grey, so I'll get to pick a prettier color that isn't quite so limiting with exterior paint colors. This is bad news in that it steals funds from other projects (like the granite or new siding, both of which are far more interesting than a roof).

I went over to the house today and took photos, which have been added to various past posts as promised. Here are some additional photos that didn't make it on other posts:

This is the living area. The blue tape on the floor maps out where I expect to place the furniture (chair, sofa, and TV console).

The occasional table, now half-complete with a lamp and the cool wooden parrot I got in Belize. Add a magazine or two and a little basket to hold my remotes and we're good to go!

Keep Calm and Shop On!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm back from Dallas and successfully visited both stores I was interested in (IKEA and Uptown Country Home). Here are my conclusions:

The IKEA Ektorp sofa was incredibly uncomfortable. I'm hoping it was because thousands upon thousands of butts had squished the cushions down, making them hard as rocks, and that a new, unsampled sofa would be more comfortable.

Uptown Country Home has the cutest accessories. I bought two blue glass candlesticks and a fabulous Keep Calm and Carry On poster in turquoise. It's obviously a must have for any Shabby Chic home, and they've got oodles of them in yellow, purple, pink (though it's really more a salmon), turquoise, chocolate, and grey. The 16 x 20 poster itself was $45, which was kind of expensive, and I bought a gold and brown frame from the store as well for $42. I hung it in my dining room tonight and am a little obsessed with it.

I also took my Shabby Chic Interiors by Rachel Ashwell and the little poodle gourd that my friend Morgan (of For the Love of Pineapples) bought me for Christmas and put them on my coffee table. Right now, the poodle stares at you as you enter and leave the house, which is slightly creepy. I might need to find a new home for it, or at least a new way to face it.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Okay, the sofa and chair won't fit in the Lexus. Boo. But I have a new plan!

This summer, I'm going to borrow my cousin's truck and drive down and back in one day. I'll buy both, put them in the truck and tie them down, and come home. Wham bam thank you ma'am!