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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Darn you, Shutterfly and your fantastic Christmas card offer!  You have wrecked my plans to ignore Christmas until December 1st.   I've picked out the Christmas card card (I'm going with Option 3 from the post below) and picked up these ornaments for my Barbie tree:

"'Movie Mixer' Barbie doll captures the attention of every director at the Hollywood party in this dazzling dusty rose dress by designer Robert Best.  Long white gloves complete the leading lady look and add a touch of Tinseltown glamour.  When you look this fantastic, can a role in a fascinating new film be far off?"

Of course, I'm totally in love with Robert Best's Barbies at the moment.  I'm eagerly awaiting the calendar to arrive for my little art project and honestly, his Barbies are just gorgeous!  How could I resist?

"Star-studded and totally cool, Barbie delivers an awesome performance in the 1986 Barbie and the Rockers ensemble.  Wearing a hot pink tuxedo jacket, matching hose, and a metallic top, Barbie shines on stage with 'New Wave' style.  Long sparkling earrings, bangles, and boots complete the fab trendy look.  No doubt about it, Barbie rocks - millions of fans can't be wrong!" 

Okay, seriously, y'all.  I LOVED BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS.  It was my favorite movie, along with All Dogs Go to Heaven.  Every time my mom and I went to Blockbuster, we rented Barbie and the Rockers.  We rented that movie so many times, I'm pretty sure my mom tried to buy it from the store.  Sure, Jem truly outrageous, but she was no Barbie.

"Barbie doll's weekend always started with a date with Ken.  On this occasion, she chose to wear a sporty blue jumper and flirty open-toe heels.  A flaming red ponytail and bright cherry lipstick give just a hint of romance, while the puffy-sleeved blouse and swirly underskirt add a playful innocence to the ensemble.  A tray of orange sodas in only the beginning to the evening's fun - soon the music will start and Barbie doll and Ken will be rockin' to the beat.  This will be a night to remember!" 

I'll be honest, this one was sort of an impulse buy.  My mom and I went to Hallmark to pick up the Barbie and the Rockers ornament and I saw this one and was like, "Oooh, a ginger!"  I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere in here how much I love redheads.  It's strange and sad, I know, but I do.  I picked Lilly for her red hair.  Actually, I sought out a redhead and in the process found Lilly.  But I digress.  "Friday Night Date" Barbie is pretty and actually, I think she's my first ginger Barbie ornament.

"Barbie never goes out to a holiday party without going all out.  For 2010, the festive fashionista mixes, migles, and dazzles in a classic floor-length gown featuring a full skirt of snowy white.  Its strapless bodice includes accents of eye-catching red echoed by a bow at the hip and an elegant shoulder wrap stretching all the way to the floor.  A sparking tiara adds the crowning touch, completing a fashion statement that only Barbie could make!"

My mom has been collecting the Celebration Barbie ornaments for me ever since the started in 1999.  I have all of them but the one from 2005, which I'm presently bidding on over on eBay (edited to add: She's on her way to me!).  When I was younger, I liked to play with them like little Barbies.  Now that I'm older, I like to play with them as little Barbies.

Just kidding.  I do like how festive they look, and I've given them little nicknames based on their outfits, mostly to be used when decorating the tree.  As in, "Mom, can you hand me Saloon Santa Barbie?" for the one wearing red velvet trimmed in white with a black lace underskirt, or "Mom, where's Russian Barbie?" for the one in green velvet with a long blond braid and a pointy tiara.

"When Barbie walks her dog, it's no casual affair.  This picture-perfect pooch lover exudes style with every step and in every way, guiding her posh pink poodle past busy cafés, trendy little boutiques, and fabulous shops of all kinds.  A girl's got to take good care of her best friend, after all, and what place could be better?  Here Barbie and her well-heeled pup can get in some great exercise...and maybe a little window shopping, too!"

I shouldn't even need to explain this one.  Barbie loves Poodles; I love Poodles.  We were meant to be besties forever.  I had no choice.  I had to pick up "A Posh Pair" and I can't wait to hang her on the tree this year!

Speaking of trees, I have recently purchased a smaller white tree to go in my bedroom to serve as my exclusive Barbie tree.  I have 24 Barbie ornaments, soon to be 25 with my 2005 Celebration Barbie ornament, and I wanted a way to show them off in style.  Just this evening, I purchased this tree from Walmart.com:

It's 4 feet tall and prelit.  I'm planning on putting it on top of my dresser so I can have my more traditional Christmas tree (I also collect Old World Ornaments, particularly angel ones) in the front room and my girly-girl modern tree in my bedroom.  I can't wait to curl up on those cold December evenings in my comfy cozy bed and have my Barbie tree serves as my nightlight!

I ordered the tree using Site-to-Store shipping, which was free, and it's scheduled to arrive between November 17th and November 24th, which is perfect timing even if it arrives toward the end of the window for the opening of my Christmas decorating window (December 1st).

Where do you stand on the Christmas decorating window?  Do you barely have everything up by December 24th?  Or do you throw out your jack-o-lanterns and throw up your Christmas lights?  Do you wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving?  December 1st?  What about Christmas music?  When do you start listening?  Any fun or unique Christmas traditions?  Are you like me, with special collections of ornaments or other decorations?  Tell me all about it!  I'd love to hear!

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