Christmas Decor!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I feel like such a hypocrite.  I'm typically a major "no Christmas decorations until December 1st" proponent, but this year, I don't know.  I got the bug.  The tree was up by November 24th and decorated too.  Let's not even talk about how long I've had the Barbie tree up.

I've tried to justify my behavior: "My last final isn't until December 16th and I won't have time to decorate during finals because of all the studying."  "It's not like anyone is coming over to see my house, so if I don't tell anyone, it's like it didn't happen."  "It's just because I'm in my own house for the first time."

But the truth is...I'm weak.  I'm a sad little weak girl who is excited about Christmas.  Therefore, even though it's not properly December yet, it is after Thanksgiving (see what I mean about the justification?! It's like a disease with me!), so I feel okay about posting photos.

The Barbie tree in the boudoir.


Glad my mama snagged this one for me when she came out; 
she's going for around $50 on eBay, which no matter how hard 
I tried, I know I could not justify.  She's one of my favorites, 
though. She inspired the gold-accent theme I went with, though 
I had originally considered pink (duh).  Unfortunately, all the mini
ornaments at Walmart weren't a proper Barbie pink, but rather
a magenta-purple pink.  My other option was silver, but I
thought the silver might get lost against the white tree.  Overall,
I'm really pleased with this one.

I feel like there's something inherently wrong with
the fact that the dog has a stocking and I don't...

I have but one question for every guest who
enters my home: Do you believe in Santa
Claus?  Because in this house, we do!

Remember how I said I was thankful for apothecary
jars?  Here's the reason why.  I'm obsessed with this
and the mini ornaments I got at Target to coordinate
with the colors of my living room.

And finally, the tree.  She's a 6.5 ft blue-green Morgan 
Pine from K-Mart.  I'm allergic to real trees, and I love
the ease of having a prelit tree.  Unfortunately, this
tree leaves me somewhat underwhelmed.

I don't know what's off.  I mean, I know I'm missing a topper, but that's because the junk room ate the one my mom gave me.  Aside from that, though, it seems...sparse.  Should I add more ornaments?  Cheap little glass balls?  Or bows? Is it missing bows?  What about ribbon?  What's wrong with my tree?  For lack of a better description, it looks like frat boys did it.  At least, it does to me. Any ideas, dear friends, on how to fix it so that I feel joy instead of disappointment when I look at it?

Please help!

Oh, and one last photo, this time of Lilly, who loves to play under the tree.  Looks like my little punkin is as excited about Christmas as her mommy:


  1. I love your Barbie tree. Try more ornaments :)

  2. One word for your tree - tinsel. A tree is not done until it has tinsel on it :)

  3. Kit - I added 50 ornaments and I think it really helped! Thanks for the tip!

    Betsy - Tinsel is that stringy silvery stuff right? My only concern with that is that Lilly would decide to eat it, and no amount of shimmer can make pulling that out of her hiney festive.

  4. My cat likes to eat tinsel, and then poops it out. We always just avoid hanging it where he can reach it.


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