Biz Goes to Washington

Monday, November 15, 2010

Full details to come, but some highs (and lows) of my trip to our nation's capital:

15% off Fair Isle dress from Rugby Ralph Lauren because we ate at the cafe in Georgetown!

Georgetown Cupcakes! (Vanilla Birthday Cake = HEAVEN!)

Drinks at Co Co. Sala

Dinner at i Ricchi

Buying my first truly gorgeous undergarments

 Getting scores of compliments on my Lauren Ralph Lauren quilted equestrian vest

Trying Lebanese for the first time and really enjoying it!

 National Zoo!  Love me some pandas - red and giant!

Having my finger sucked like a lollypop by a man I knew for 5 hours

Being groped in general by the "finger man" and not knowing how to make it stop without being rude

Watching my Rebs get beat by those ugly orange Volunteers

Losing the car and myself in downtown DC while all alone (honestly scary!)

Nearly missing the last flight home from both Reagan and Memphis!

It was a delightful getaway, but honestly, I'm glad to be back, in my own bed with my sweet Lilly.  I missed you all and can't wait to get caught up.  I have a tag I need to complete and will hopefully be caught up on my reading and writing by tomorrow!

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