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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I have one of the girliest bedrooms belonging to anyone over the age of five.

Pale green walls (double formula of Behr's "Water Sprout" - it's the exact shade of Yoplait Key Lime yogurt), "Breakfast at Lilly's" duvet cover, Euro shams, and bolster (all by Lilly Pulitzer of course), Simply Shabby Chic pale pink ruffled sheets, and MaryJane's Home "Tufted Chenille" white pillow shams.  The bed is a family antique, the lamps and shades are Simply Shabby Chic from Target, and the nightstands I found on eBay.  The Ektorp loveseat at the foot of the bed is from Ikea.

I love it all.  Here's the thing - this is my room.  I don't need to decorate for anyone else right.  Sure, when a guy sticks around long enough to become Mr. Biz, I'll degirlify (and yes, I just made up that word) the space, but for now, I decorate to make me happy, and my bedroom is one of my favorite places in my house.  I love going to sleep in it and I love waking up to it, especially the giant window that lets me guess the weather from the moment I open my eyes (today was grey, cool, and wonderfully fall!).

Did you notice the Lilly Barbie under the nightstand with the two Lilly frames of photos of my parents?  ;)

Now that you're acquainted with my room, and you have a pretty picture of it to look at, you might have noticed that the space above my bed is looking a little bare.  There's a fairly decent sized space between the ceiling and the top of the headboard.  In my last two rooms, my bed was up against a window, so I had curtains as my decor.  Now, though, I need something else.  I've been pondering for quite some time as to what I should put up there.

Today, my friends, inspiration struck.

That's right.  I'm going to use sketches of my first best friend:  Barbara Millicent Roberts, known to her friends as Barbie.  Where am I going to find these sketches, you might ask?  Well, I'll tell you:  Robert Best's 2011 calendar.

Robert Best...Robert Best...where do you know that name?  Here's a face to go with the name:

Still need help?  He was the Barbie designer on Season 3 of Project Runway!  After Heidi bid him "Auf Wiedersehen," he went back to Mattel and has produced, among other things of course, some really wonderful collectible calendars.

 The 2010 calendar's cover

The images from 2010
The 2011 calendar's cover

The images from 2011

I'm still looking for the 2010 calendar, as I love some of the sketches from it, especially last row, 2nd column.  I have that one in the Hallmark Barbie ornament version and remember thinking it was absolutely stunning when I bought it.

Did I mention I have a Barbie Christmas tree?  I do.  :)  Get ready for photos come December 1st; I can't stand Christmas decorations before December.

Anyway, I've ordered the 2011 calendar and will promptly deconstruct it and frame my favorites.  Of course I can't be sure, but I'm leaning toward a some combination of 1r3c, 2r2c, 3r3c, 4r1c, and 4r3c.  I also like 1r1c.  Okay, I like them all, but we'll see.

I also ordered the 7x7 mini calendar, because I was a little worried that the 12x12 standard calendar sized prints would be too large once matted and framed.  Here are the 7x7s:

The thing I'm wary about with the smaller ones is the colorful backgrounds.  I'm worried they might seem a bit too little girly, whereas the off-white backgrounds of the full sized calendar lend an air of sophistication to them.

Then of course there is the 13x18 option from Z Gallerie:

Knowing me, I'll probably not like either of the first two options and snag the above calendar too.  If I do, I'll be happy to share my leftovers with any of my blog readers who might want them.  Actually, even if I don't buy the third calendar, I'll still offer to mail off the unused sketches of the first two calendars to anyone who wants them.  :)  Reduce, reuse and recycle!

Once the project wraps, I'll be sure to post photos.  Has anyone else been struck by inspiration lately?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Oooooooh. So jealous of your pretty room! What a girly paradise! And, I LOVE the Barbie pictures. They will look PERFECT on your wall.


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