Finally, One that Fits!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've been searching for a pet safety harness for Lilly in the car.  I know a crate is safest, but it's so impractical for short trips.  Unfortunately, as with most things for my 4 lb, 9-in tall girl, the last two halters I've tried were just too big!  She's such a long, lanky thing that stuff that is tight enough is usually too short.

When I was at Petsmart today, buying stairs for my punkers so she doesn't jump on the couch anymore and hurt her knees, I found the above halter.  I got the extra small, which says it fits 12 in - 16 in, and with a little bit of adjustment, I think it's perfect.

I'm really looking forward to using it on her, because it makes it hard to drive with her crawling all over me and it's dangerous for both of us.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


  1. Yay! Your entire life is going to change, for the better :) When I got that booster seat for Louis, everyone laughed at me. But you know what? I don't have to deal with a pup giving me kisses and such when I'm driving. I know he's safe, and that's that.

    And now Miss Lilly can stick her head out the car window, and you know she won't accidentally fall out :-o

  2. Lilly hates her halter! She sits in the backseat and cries the whole time! And not "pay attention to me" cries but "I'm so upset I just can't hold it in, but I'm trying not to bother you, Mom" little whimpers. It's AWFUL. I feel so so guilty, but I'm not giving up just yet. I'm hoping we'll be able to figure out something that doesn't make the baby cry.


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