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Friday, October 1, 2010

Guess whose mom called her up to say that they were taking an additional 40% off all sale items at Dillard's today and wanted to know if I wanted any new Lillys?

Seriously, if you can't figure that one out, you probably shouldn't be on the internet.

It was MINE!  She bought me not one, not two, but three new Lillys, including one that I have been loving from Fall 2010 and was thus very clearly not on sale.  True, one ended up going back because I didn't like the fit, but still, who else got surprised with two new Lillys today?!

So, in celebration of my mom, the woman who fostered my love for Lilly when I started college and has spent a small fortune ensuring that, if I wanted to, I could wear a different Lilly everyday for two weeks, I present my own Lilly wardrobe:

The Stephanie Shift in Turquoise Koi Print (Fall 2010)
[The latest acquisition]

 Market Bag in "How About Them Apples" (Fall 2010)
[Free gift with purchase! LOVE.]

The Bel Air in Carsons Grandstand Patch (Spring 2010)
[Also new for today]

The Raya Blue Icing in Shorely Blue (Resort 2009)
[Fell in love with this one but they only had one size left, tracked it down in my size online and ordered it the next day.]

Orange, Red, and Pink Polka Dot cotton stretch (Summer 2009?)

 The Amaya Top in Multi Swanky (Spring 2009?)
[So fun with my orange J. Crew shorts!]

The Andrey in Oh Jackie (?) (Fall 2008)

The Betsey in White Eyelet (Spring 2008?)
[Ritual white anyone?]

The Jacqueline Critter Dress in Kelly Green (Spring or Summer 2008)
[So fun for a Crawfish Boil!]

Caroline in Solid Hops True Blue Navy (Summer 2008?)
[That was the football season after I came back from Spain and lost 20 lbs.  Gosh, I was skinny!]

? in ? (Spring 2008?)
[Not the greatest shot of the dress, I know, but I sure had fun that night! Spring Break '08]

The Gweneth in plaid (Spring 2008?)
[obviously this is not the dress, but this is the plaid]

 The Gweneth in "The Honey Spot" (?)

The Sienna in "Bright Navy South Lake" (Fall 2007?)

 KD - ATO Country Club Swap - 2007
[Note the striped Gloria sweater!]

? in "Paradise Patch" (Spring 2006?)

(Literally the least flattering photo ever, but the only one with the dress. Whatevs.)
The Sienna in "Where's the Reef?" (Spring 2006?)
[My first Lilly]

Do you see now why I must have female offspring?!  So many beautiful dresses, not to mention the tops and scarves (both the Murphee and those fabulous breast cancer silk scarves) and totes I have scattered about would just be so unloved by a herd of boys!  Also, can anyone help identify the seasons, dresses, and styles where there are question marks?  It would be nice to know for sure!

ETALilly Pulitzer Line IDs helped me identify a couple of patterns.

Oh!  And I almost forgot!  Guess where I cuddle up each night, next to my precious Lilly?  Under my Breakfast at Lilly's bedding, of course:

I may have a minor biggie.  What about you?  What are your favorite styles and patterns from years past?  Are you a self-made Lilly Lover or have you inherited your style from another fabulous lady?

Go Green With Lilly!  This was my first Market Bag, and I still love it.
The Market Bag in "Queen of Green" (Fall 2009?)
[Now if I can just remember to take these with me to the store!]

Also, if anyone's up for a game of Monopoly, I might just have a festive board to play with...

P.S. While searching for Facebook photos for this post, I stumbled across some very funny photos taken one late night in high school.

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  1. Such a fun post! I am still chasing down an Audrey dress. Love it and so regret not buying it.


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