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Friday, October 8, 2010

Does anyone else have an "almost name"?  You know, the name your parents almost named you?  My parents considered several names, like most people, but I think the one that came closest to actually being used was Tessa Marie.  Not Theresa Marie, I don't think, but just Tessa.

I actually like the name Tessa.  It reminds me of...

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Tess Tyler (and her twin sister Emily Tyler), played by one of the Olsens

Marie, though, I don't care for.  To me, it sounds like the middle name you give when you can't think of a middle name.  Granted, so is Leigh, but I think the spelling of my Leigh is pretty and it has a nice meaning - meadow.  And who knows?  Maybe I would have loved it if it had been mine.

Other Close Ones
  • Yolanda Sophronia (jokingly, I think/hope, though Sophronia was my great-great-grandmother's name.)
  • Jacqueline (after my dad, though they decided to nix that one in case they had a boy after me and wouldn't end up with Jack and Jacqueline)
As I recall, had my parents had a second daughter, she would have been named Tessa, which, in light of my own name, I don't really care for.  I feel like children's name should, not match per se, but go together.  Coordinate, if you will.  Don't have John, Mark, Luke, and Brian.  Don't have Brittany, Amber, Kelsey, and Joan.  (You know, by the way, that Joan would totally end up a Mary Bennet.)

These are pretty stark differences, I know, but there is a family I know, and the children are named Anna, Emily, Jennifer, and Rachel.  I personally would not have gone with Rachel for Baby Girl #4, given the other four children's names.  Maybe Meredith or Caroline.  Classic and not too trendy but not Biblical, just like the other names.  Had the other girls been named Sarah, Mary, and Leah, then absolutely go with Rachel!  It fits perfectly!

Personal taste, personal call.

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  1. This post has me rolling on the floor. I'm SO GLAD to know that I'm not the only person who thinks like this :)

    However, I must admit that when I dated a guy who was one of 7 and they all started with a "J" it was a bit annoying...


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