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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My new blog friend, T, at Desperately Seeking Seersucker, wrote about going on a fun hike with her pup that turned into something scary.  I can totally relate.  Like, completely.
"At approximately 11:00 p.m. Thursday night, January 24, 2008, UPD received
a report from a female who stated that someone had attempted to force her
into a vehicle while she had been walking back to campus on University
Avenue near the Ford Center some 10 to 15 minutes earlier.

The female said an older model 4-door sedan occupied by 2 males pulled up
beside her as she was walking near the Ford Center on University Avenue.
The occupants attempted to engage her in conversation – she attempted to
ignore them and continued walking. They pulled the vehicle to the side of
the street at the Ford Center and stopped. The passenger exited the
vehicle and grabbed the female’s arm in an attempt to pull her into the
back seat of the vehicle. The female resisted physically and began to
scream. The driver of the vehicle then called for the passenger to get
back in the vehicle as he saw headlights of another vehicle approaching
them. The passenger released the female.

The suspects fled the area in the vehicle towards Ford Boulevard into
Oxford. The female ran to the Inn at Ole Miss to request UPD be
contacted. The female was not otherwise physically harmed. The suspects
have not been located.

The vehicle is described as an older looking, dark colored 4-door vehicle
– possibly a Cadillac or Lincoln Town Car.
The passenger in the vehicle was described as a heavy set black male,
approximately 20-25 years old, with stubble facial hair, wearing dark
colored baggy pants and hoodie sweatshirt, and wearing a do-rag or bandana
on his head. No description could be given for the driver."
That girl was me.  This e-mail was sent out across the campus mail the next day.  It was also reported in the Daily Mississippian, the campus newspaper.  I was never named and for the longest time, I only told a few people.  My dad still doesn't know, and I plan to keep it that way.  Somethings he just doesn't need to hear about.  He hovers enough as it is.

Apparently later, there were some suggestions sent in to the paper that I had been drinking, which was not true.  My friends, however, had been, which probably explains why they let me leave my roommate's cousin's apartment and walk back to campus while they continued on to the bars.  I'm not sure exactly what was said in the paper, as I didn't read it.  I do recall, however, that UPD issued a statement to the effect that I had not been drinking, and I appreciated it.  However, I also think that it's terrible that being under the influence of alcohol would somehow have made what happened to me less of a crime or somehow my fault.

It was stupid.  It was dangerous.  It could have turned out very badly.  I was lucky.  I know for every girl like me, who makes a stupid decision and doesn't listen to her mother's voice in the back of her head but still manages alright, there is another girl who doesn't manage.

I don't know what those guys in the car were planning.  I doubt they even had a plan at all.  I learned a very powerful lesson, though, both about stranger danger in general and about myself.  What might seem like a safe situation can very easily turn into a scary one very quickly.  That was my stranger danger lesson.  My lesson about myself is that I think, should I be a victim of another violent crime (knock on wood) and that one didn't turn out as well, I think I wouldn't go down without a fight.  When that guy tried to pull me toward his car, I was most definitely not going with him.  I hit him with my purse like a little old lady, told him NO!, and then when he let go, I ran and hid in the bushes.  That's something I pride myself on now.  The fighting, I mean.  Not necessarily the bushes. 

As I said before, be careful, lovies!  It's a scary world out there with lots of scary people.  Listen to your gut (which sounds a heck of a lot like my mom) and if you feel like you're in danger, get out.  Don't wait, don't worry about looking like a fool.  Keep yourself and the ones you love safe and worry about the naysayers once you're comfortably situated in your bed with a comforting bowl of ice cream.

I'm feeling better already.

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