Safety Concerns & A New Name!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just a heads up - I've changed the name of my blog to Biz and the Bungalow (  At first, when it was mostly me and friends I actually knew, I wasn't too concerned with privacy and safety.  Now that I'm branching out and following more people and more people who I've never actually met are reading the blog, I'm just a bit concerned with safety.  Not that I suspect any of my followers of being dangerous, but what about those people who don't follow but just lurk?  I know nothing of them, and I despite my handy-dandy Ruger, I still want to play it safe.

A brief explanation of the name:  "Biz" - one of my favorite nicknames.  When I was little (and living in this same house!), I couldn't quite managed Elizabeth, and it came out Bizbeth.  My parents adopted the nickname and ran with it, dubbing me everything from Biz to Bizzy to Bizzer to Bizzerleigh.  Now that I'm living once again in the house where the name originated, it seems especially appropriate.

"And the Bungalow" - Well, if I really have to explain this one, you clearly don't read the blog.  I live in a 1945 (even though I keep messing up and calling it 1946) bungalow built in a neighborhood constructed for returning WWII soldiers and their families.  I mostly blog about redecorating and rehabilitating my house, which has been owned all my life by my parents.  We lived in it from the time I was born to when I turned four, at which point it became rental property.  Now that I'm all grown up and too sassy and independent to live with my parents again, I'm back in my childhood bungalow.

So be sure to update your links, lovies!

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  1. My house is a 1941 cape cod in a similar neighborhood! Don't you just love a cozy little home like that? I know that one day I will need more room, but for now it's so safe and comfy for me that I just can't fathom ever moving on....


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