New Fall Decor!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm lately addicted to Under The Table and Dreaming.  Stephanie Lynn has the BEST crafts and seriously, I would love to poke around her house and just marvel at all the decorative goodness.  Her recent post, Creepy Crow's Nest Wreath inspired me.  At first I was going to attempt to copy hers.

Cool, right?  And so fun for Halloween!  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any crows in any of the local crafting stores.  I was actually really surprised.  Nevertheless, I decided to forge ahead.  I've never tried gluing moss to anything, and actually, I've never played with moss, Spanish or reindeer.  I gave it a shot though and I'm really satisfied with the end result:

I love fall and went on a fall decorating shopping spree yesterday afternoon.  I drove up to Nearby College Town (which didn't feel so nearby when I was driving to and fro) to visit the Home Goods there.  Apparently it's actually a TJ Maxx 'n' More, but seriously, I've never been and they had some really great stuff!

I put together my fall centerpiece and as pathetic as this may make me sound, I couldn't stop staring at it after I was finished.  I drew inspiration from Adventures in Decorating, who I found through UtTaD, and her recent post on cloches.  They are super cute, and if I had more surfaces in my house, I'd pile some beauties like hers on them.  As it is, I still managed to put together some cute looks, even if I lack proper cloches.


My McCarty raccoons are playing in the pumpkin patch!

Festive candle on my coffee table!

All of these make me feel like fall!  Happy autumn everyone!  :)

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  1. Now if you could just come to Casa Seersucker please :) I haven't put out the first fall decoration. Boo hiss!


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