A Little Bit in Love

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm in love.  With a baby name, that is.  Yes, I'm That Girl.

No, no, not that That Girl.  I'm That Girl who has picked out her future children's names with at least four backups on the off chance that she has more of the gender she didn't anticipate.  I, for example, want two girls and am open to the idea of a boy, if it's crucial to my future Mr. Biz (that's what I've decided to refer to him as, by the way).  Apparently that's the thing to do in the blogosphere - refer to your significant other as Mr. or Mrs. "Reference to Blog".  The sad thing is, my mister probably will have to be Mr. Biz, because I'm just too bossy to be Mrs. Soandso.  (Okay, I'm not being totally serious.  He won't have to take my name.  It would probably be more of a Monica-and-Chandler or Lynette-and-Tom relationship, where I need to be in charge so Mr. Biz lets me.  Did anyone else swoon a little when Tom explained to the neighbor how Lynette needs to be in charge to feel safe and he lets her boss him around because it's his job as her husband to make sure she feels safe??  I totally did!!)

But I digress.  As I said, I want two little girls and possibly a little boy.  My son's name will either be Jack Tucker Lastname, after my dad, or Mr. Biz, Jr.  Unless Mr. Biz has an unfortunate name like Boris or Zeus, in which case it's back to naming him for my dad.  My daughter's names are a little more flexible, though I'm currently loving Della Mae, after my great-grandmother.  I mean, come on!  How classic but unique is that?  The thing is, if I only want three kids tops, that means that if I use Della Mae for one, then I only have one more shot to use all the other family names I like, such as Cauthron, Ferguson, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

Of course, if I follow through with Fantasy B, which is the one where I marry a very sexy Spaniard and we move to Madrid to raise our fabulous bilingual children, I'll get to use my grandmother's name, Alma, which is Spanish for soul.  Beautiful, right?

But what if I end up with the more likely Fantasy A, where I marry a local American who lets me boss him around?  I'll want to use my other names.  I refuse to give my daughters more than one middle name, largely because of the whole monogramming quandary it induces, though I remember reading somewhere that if you can't monogram all your initials properly, you just shouldn't do it.  I refuse to push that sad, sad fate onto my innocent little baby.  (Seriously, babies in monograms are precious - check out Sweet Southern Prep if you don't believe me.  Her W and E are too, too cute!)

So, if I want to have all the family names I want (and let's totally ignore the non-family names I love, like Ava and Ada and Addalyn) I'm going to have to have at least 3 girls.  I just don't think I can manage to have 3 girls and a boy.  I'm pretty sure I'm stopping at three, no matter the gender.  Unless they're all boys...  I have too many Lillys not to have at least one sweet baby girl.  Then again, I can't help but remember the family friend who kept trying for a boy and ended up having twins with her third pregnancy.  Twin girls.  Of course, all four of those sweet girls are just wonderful, and I would be beyond delighted to have twins (another strange love of mine - redheaded twins would be divine, thank you!), but with my luck, it would be boy, boy, twin boys, and my Lillys would go unloved by the next generation.

Now I've gone and depressed myself...better go shopping.  :)

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