Lilly wants me to be skinny too!

Monday, September 6, 2010

No, no, not my Lilly. The Lilly.

Clearly the folks at Lilly heard I was going to start getting active, so they created this line for me.  How kind!

The Vinyasa pants are certainly necessary.

I'm also very much enamored with the Stephanie shift.  The cut reminds me of my aforementioned Andrey from 2008.

Although I think I prefer it in the Turquoise Koi:

And while I know that this dress isn't from the fall collection, I've been obsessing over it for months.  Apparently the other Medium wearer in Capital City was too, because it was snatched up absurdly quickly from the Lilly department at Dillard's, and they only order one dress in each size in each design.  Le sigh.

I also feel that the Shayna dress is necessary for my continued happiness and well being:

I mean seriously, could this dress be any more Blair Waldorf, right down to the pose!

I would get it in white, as I already have a black eyelet dress similar to Blair's black lace dress, and the high neckline of the Shayna really is very reminiscent of Blair's dress from Season 1.

I think this one is my favorite of all the dresses available from Lilly at the moment.  It's just fabulous.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I *need* a pair of the yoga pants too- even though I've not taking a yoga class in years.


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