In Honor of Le Poo: Pink and Green Thursday

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My poor poodle Bear may have a brain tumor that's causing him to have seizures.  :(  At this point, we're hoping for epilepsy (something I never thought I'd say), but he's going to see the doggie neurologist, which I didn't even know there were, let alone in Capital City, and he'll be getting some sort of scan, either CAT or MRI.  He can be a grumpy son of a gun, and sometimes he bites, but other times, like when I come over to visit (he lives with my parents), you've never seen a more loving and excited dog.

So here's to hoping, wishing, and praying that Le Poo is okay.


  1. Oh sweetie...I know you are worried to pieces!! I'm thinking of you, and hoping that the news is good. Well, you know what I mean. Better than the alternative :)

  2. I hope he is okay. I know how hard and sad it can be when your sweet doggie is sick.


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