Guestroom Update

Sunday, September 26, 2010

 (a close up of the curtain fabric)

I finally have curtains for the guestroom!  Yay me!  And the best part is, I actually helped!  I cut the panels, I cut the tabs at the top, I zig-zag stitched then regular stitched the sides, and I hung the curtain rods.  I left the hemming and the actual attaching of the tabs to the professional (aka my mom!) and I'm so happy with how they turned out.  We still have to make another set, and I need to find a bench (sort of like this one from Ticking and Toile to go at the foot of the bed as well as bring over my great-grandmother's dresser (which is presently residing in my old bedroom at my parents' house) and then I'm done!  Except for art...and making the pillows...

Whatever.  Ain't nothing going to get me down!  I love completing a project.  Feeling so accomplished!

P.S.  I love that my old iBook (on the shelf of the nighstand) matches the color scheme!  Perfect for allowing guests to check e-mail during their stay!

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  1. What a lovely guest room! So cozy and warm :)

    Any word about le poo? I've been thinking about you bunches, and hoping the trip to the neuro goes/went well!


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