Football Season is HERE!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ohmigosh!  Yay yay yay!  For those of you that know me, you might be surprised to see how excited I am.  I am not a huge football fanatic, but there is just something about the game that gets me excited.  Maybe it's because I'm already envisioning snuggling under a blanket and clutching hot cocoa, which will inevitably get spilled by an exuberant fan after the touchdown.  Maybe it's the prospect of visiting my pals in the Grove or in Baton Rouge or Fayetteville.

I went to Dillard's today to buy some more powder for my face and a few things for the house, and I kept seeing people in Hogs attire and was so confused.  Then I remembered and I just felt so excited.  Today even felt like the first football game - it was warm and sunny but not hot in the least.  It was definitely late summer/early fall.  I noticed when I got home from shopping that I will need to rake up the fallen leaves soon!  So excited!

But back to what I bought at Dillard's.  In addition to my powder, I found some cute cute Ralph Lauren placemats on sale (I love a good sale):
I bought the all white ones, but they have the same herringbone pattern.  If you like them as much as I do, you can snag them from for a mere $2.00 each!  I paid $3.00 each in the store, but I saved on shipping, which is $5.95.

I also scooped up these Nobility (I'm guessing it's an in-store brand, because I've never heard of it before) napkins:

They were also on sale, marked down from $5 each to $3.75 a piece!  I love the warm yellow color, because technically, my living-dining room color scheme is blue, yellow, and white, yet I currently have very little yellow in it.  As of tomorrow, though, I should have some fabulous yellow sofa cushions - Mom's coming over to assist me in their production.

To dress up the napkins a bit, I tucked them into my new napkin rings from Anthropologie which were, surprise surprise, on sale!  They're from the Oconee Bells line, and I love how each one is slightly different.  Previously $10 each, they're currently marked down to $3.95!

I seem to be on a sale-finding roll, as my flowers were even marked down.  Two bouquets at $2.49 a piece!  So for  about $50, my table is ready to welcome in fall, football, and fun!

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