Fall Front Porch

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today was the perfect autumn Saturday. I went to bed early last night (meaning asleep by 11:15) but I had a bit of a stomach ache. :( I knew that because I was going to bed so early, I didn't need to set an alarm to wake up around 9. I was right, though honestly, I think the only reason I woke up was because Lilly stepped on my stomach. Regardless, I had a lovely, lazy morning, culminating in my mom coming by to clean my bathroom, and I mean clean, like with chemicals and stuff. I can tidy my own house, but when I'm busy with school and stressed out, the proper cleaning falls by the wayside. We had lunch midway through and, because my mom is my mom, she also tidied my bedroom and cleaned the front bath too (that I never use).

About the time she left, I turned on the TV to watch the Hogs battle Bama (so sad about the loss, by the way) when I realized...it's September 25...the pumpkin patch opens today!

I checked the website and got the directions and hopped in the car.  I never was a football girl, anyway.  For $20, I walked out with four small (and by small, I really mean medium sized - the pumpkin patch had AWESOME prices) and two medium (the perfect size for jack-o-lanterns once Halloween is a little closer) pumpkins.  Since I was out in the area anyway, and I'd been dying to try the Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Leaf Hurricane Centerpiece Stephanie Lynn posted, I ran by Michael's and the Dollar Tree to pick up the supplies.  Here's what I ended up with, perfect for bringing a bit of autumn style to my porch:

The two pumpkins on either side are the $2 "small" pumpkins and the one in the back is the $6 "medium" pumpkin.  I'm actually sitting on my porch right now, enjoying the cool weather (finally!).  The leaves aren't exactly like the ones Stephanie Lynn used, but I got 150 for $1.  They're really thin, but I was able to glue one on top of the other to give them a little more heft.  I don't know if I'll leave it out overnight, because I would hate for yuck to get in it, but then again, it's covered by the porch roof and I doubt anyone would steal it.

Either way, sitting out on my porch as the sun sets, listening to the crickets chirp and watching everything take on a golden hue...truly, Heaven on earth.

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  1. Seriously. You AND your mom need to come to Smalltown, VA...K?

    And Lilly stepping on your belly is so funny! Louis does the same thing, and then flings himself down like he is so frustrated. And I'm asleep! What have I done? Sheesh!


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