Exercise - Day 2

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just got back from the gym and was surprisingly there for a mere 30 minutes, as part of my 5 miles/1 hour deal.  I actually ended up doing 6 miles in the elliptical because I was watching the news and didn't want to leave before a particular story came on.  Well, remember how I did my first hour on Sunday and felt awful because the elliptical only read like 3/4 of a mile?  Apparently that machine's readings are screwy because on the elliptical beside it, on the exact same level, I did 6 miles in 30 minutes.

No wonder I was exhausted on Sunday.  I must have done about 11 miles!  Granted, I'm only on level 1 right now, but I think tomorrow I'll step it up to level 2.  I want to feel fatigued after my work out, but not completely exhausted.  Just got to find that happy medium.

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  1. I tried to reply to your comment, but your e-mail isn't hooked. Wanted to tell you that I wanted to be Dorothy this year, and carry Louis as Toto. Only...Louis has packed on the lbs. I think my arm would break if I tried to carry him around in a basket :( Oh well, he will have to suffer as a bumble bee!


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