Dilemma: The Junk Room

Monday, September 20, 2010

So I have three bedrooms in my house, right?  Right.  One is my room, one is a proper guestroom and the other...well, the other's door stays closed most of the time because I'm ashamed of it.  It's full of boxes, shelving, tools, paint cans, and all the other stuff that doesn't have a proper spot in my home.  My goal this winter break is to clean it out and tidy it up.  The question then becomes, well, what do I do with it?

The most obvious answer is to turn it into a home office.  Problem is, I don't need a home office right now.  In my bedroom, there is a little nook that is perfect for my desk and bookcase.  If I turn the junk room into a home office, what do I do with the nook?  Also, I think my little vanity/desk and bookcase will look mighty silly in that big room all by themselves.  Of course, once I get a proper job and do my great big renovation (details below), I won't have that nook anymore, so maybe the room will be turned into an office at that point.  But for now, what do I do?


In case you were wondering what I meant by the great big renovation, here's what it entails:
1) Walling off the study nook in the master bedroom and turning it into a pantry and laundry room.
2) Turning the window in the newly created pantry/laundry room into a door leading to the backyard.
3) Walling up the door presently in the master bedroom.
4) Getting new siding for the whole house to cover up the newly solid wall.
5) Getting new windows installed throughout the house because apparently the time to get new windows is when you get new siding.
6) Central heat and air because the new windows won't allow window unit air conditioners.
7) Patching the holes in the wood floor from removing the floor furnaces (in the living room and master).
8) Installing hardwood in the master bedroom.
9) Refinishing the hardwoods in the living room.
10) Installing new cabinets and counters in the kitchen to coordinate with the pantry and fill in the space that is currently occupied by my stackable washer/dryer.
11) New flooring that is the same in both the pantry/laundry room and kitchen.

You can't really do one part of that without doing all of it, which is why it has to go on the "When I Get a Job" list.  It's probably going to cost around $50,000 to $60,000 to do, which means I'll have to take out a loan to do it and oddly enough, banks want to see evidence of income before they give you money.  Strange, really.

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  1. Goodness...that is a lot of work to be done!! I have about $50K of work I want to do on my house, and I do have a job. I just spend my money on frocks. Ho hum :(

    What about a library? I have 4 bedrooms, and I've got a dream of turning one into a library with floor to ceiling shelves. And that wouldn't be terribly expensive. If I could figure out how to build shelves!


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